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JP Mobility and Project Specific Training Programs (SB158.1)

Project Status: 6 Project underway
Commencement Date: 01.01.2024
Duration in months: 0 months


Science and Technology in Society 


The STS Forum provides a new mechanism for open, informal discussions and builds a human network that, in time, resolves emerging challenges stemming from the application of new science and technology.  The Forum community explores opportunities arising from science and technology and addresses the removal of barriers by using science and technology to solve problems facing humankind.




BioJapan is a large-scale exhibition and has played a key role in facilitating interaction between Japanese and global companies and organizations while stimulating new business opportunities in biology and biotechnology for almost two decades. 


World Smart Energy Week


World Smart Energy Week Osaka gathers a full range of renewable energy technologies such as hydrogen and fuel cells, solar power, rechargeable batteries, smart grids, wind power, biomass, zero-emission thermal power generation, etc.

Participating Institutions


International Science and Technology Center (ISTC)