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Restrictive Measures Targeted Initiative

Project Status: 6 Project underway
Commencement Date: 18.11.2023
Duration in months: 0 months


Country: key Russian trading partners: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkiye, United Emerates, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and others

Summary of the project:

The “Targeted Initiative: Restrictive Measures” is a project of the European Commission, which provides short-term, peer-to-peer assistance to third countries so as to support them, where appropriate, in:

- the understanding of,

- the convergence with,

- the approximation with,

- the transposition of,

- the implementation of,

- the enforcement of

the successive EU packages of Russia/Belarus restrictive measures.

The “Targeted Initiative: Restrictive Measures” is single or multi-country events project of the Commission which intends to mobilise EU institutional representatives, EU member States officials as well as Private consultants – from more than one EU Member State and usually last two days - to participate in Russia/Belarus sanctions outreach missions to third countries.

The purpose of the sanctions outreach missions is to organize two days workshops aiming to present aspects of the EU sanctions packages to a wider audience as well as to explain any legislative issues and practical dealing with implementation or enforcement of the wide array of EU sanctions. The “Targeted Initiative: Restrictive Measures” relies on an the ISTC for the organisation of the logistical aspects. The ISTC will make all arrangements for flights, accommodation, conference venues, interpreters and other logistical arrangements necessary for the organisation of the event.

The EU experts, to be identified by FPI, for whom this guide provides basic information on practical arrangements, are the following:

- EU Member States’ officials;

- EU Private Consultants in sanctions.

Participating Institutions


International Science and Technology Center (ISTC)