Development of Sorbents- Carriers, Catalysts and Technology for Utilization of Methane and Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Gases

Project Status: 6 Project underway
Commencement Date: 11.11.2023
Duration in months: 0 months


Development of sorbent-carriers and catalytic systems with the desired properties of selective action for utilization of green-house gases (CO2 and CH4) and production of synthesis gas as the valuable final product. determination of the effective technological modes of the conversion process and identification of the relation of physicochemical characteristics of the developed sorbents-carriers and catalysts (on the new carriers produced from thermostable raw materials of natural as well as artificial origin) with their adsorption and catalytic properties in the process of carbon dioxide conversion of methane into synthesis gas.
The impact of the proposed project on the progress in this field: The background for the breakthrough results expected in this project is that the implementation of a simultaneous utilization of the two greenhouse gases (СН4+СО2) using new nano-phase catalysts deposited on a novel carriers with the developed surface area is planned. They are designed form natural raw materials (clay, zeolite) from deposits in Georgia and the synthesized nanopowders of nano-forms doped with the clusters of transition metal atoms (Fe, Ni, Co) and their oxides. They do not contain noble metals and are stable against carbonization. This definitely will be a considerable contribution to the theory of catalyst preparation. The established technological modes will form a basis for the commercialization of the developed conversion process. All these factors minimize the risks of future commercialization of the proposed project results through the pilot and experimental-industrial testing of the process. Virtually any source of hydrocarbon feedstock can be converted to a mixture of synthesis gas, which is in fact a key intermediate on which theoretically the entire chemical industry could be based.

Participating Institutions


Georgian Technical University (GTU)


New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology


State University of New York University at Buffalo


Saitama University


Combustion Problems Institute (CPI)