EU CBRN CoE Project 87 on Preparedness and Response for Mass Gatherings and other Health Threats in Central Asia

Project Status: 6 Project underway
Commencement Date: 11.11.2023
Duration in months: 0 months


Mass Gatherings have the potential to threaten health security across the world, both in developed and less-developed countries. In recent years, more Mass Gatherings are taking place, greater numbers of nations are hosting them, and participants are travelling from an increasingly large and distant number of countries. All of these factors introduce new challenges to national and international health security, especially when dealing with infectious disease outbreaks such as influenza or coronavirus outbreaks, or CBRN events.

Overall objective

This project proposes actions to reinforce health preparedness and response in Central Asia through CBRN preparedness and response in the context of Mass Gatherings.

Specific objectives

· to support preparedness, risk management and crisis coordination activities by linking and informing public health authorities about relevant events which may need coordination of measures at regional level

· to serve as a tool to build and maintain a network of high-level public officials who progressively trust one another by virtue of realizing that they face common problems within their respective institutions and across the region, and share best practices,

· and to foster a common understanding of the needs and challenges of Partner Countries; this, in turn will foster cooperation and assistance if needed, increasing security, peace and prosperity in the region.

The project is expected to deliver the following main results:

· Increased security for Mass Gatherings

· Increased protection of food and water

· Better preparedness against CBRN incidents

· Better Risk and Crisis Communications

Participating Institutions


International Science and Technology Center (ISTC)