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The Armenian National Bureau of Expertise promotes responsible science in 30 institutes and universities


   In the framework of the ISTC – implemented EU   Targeted  Initiative Export Control on Dual Use Materials  and Technologies, the Armenian National Bureau of    Expertise (NBE) conducts outreach activities to promote  responsible research for the students, researchers and    scientists at universities and specialized institutes. The    main objectives are awareness raising among  stakeholders and creation of enabling environment for  the scientific community. The main impact the project  aspires after is the better understanding of the  intangible  technology transfers (ITT) and the surrounding risks. 

Several seminars have been carried out with the participation of two target groups of attendees: researchers from scientific institutes of the National Academy of Sciences and students and faculty from leading universities including masters, PhD applicants, and lecturers. In total the seminars involve 24 institutes of the National Academy of Sciences and six universities: International Scientific-Educational Centre NAS, Yerevan state university, Nation Polytechnic university of Armenia, Armenian National Agrarian University, European University and the Eurasian International University. The program covers topics such as: the meaning and essence of sensitive products, technologies and information, including dual-use products; related threats and risks; analysis of practical cases; challenges of export control in the Eurasian Economic Union; etc.

On 1 December 2021 NBE finished the first round of seminars with one group of students and with the group of lecturers. The feedback from the participants indicated that all participants in the course dealt for the first time with the topic of intangible technology transfers and dual-use issues. Because of these reasons 70 percent of the participants answered that the newly acquired knowledge was very important for them.