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ISTC participated in the International Participants Meeting (Expo 2025) in Osaka, Japan


The International Science and Technology Center’s Aidyn Turebayev attended and engaged in the International Participants Meeting on November 14-15 at the Osaka International Convention Center in preparation for World Expo 2025 in Osaka, Japan. Mr. Turebayev is ISTC Senior Project Manager and Senior Advisor to the Executive Director and represented the ISTC as a delegate at the Participants Meeting. ISTC will participate in World Expo 2025, scheduled for April 13 through October 13, 2025.

The International Participants Meeting addressed planning, site development, exhibition preparation, telecommunications, accommodations and accreditation for World Expo 2025 which will:

  • Assemble intellectual wisdom from around the world to further breakthrough technologies and create and communicate new ideas;
  • Create innovation through human interaction;
  • Expand local and international investment;
  • Activate regional economies and small and medium enterprises; and,
  • Display the depth and wealth of Japanese culture

World Expos have a storied history going back to the introduction of the elevator in New York in 1853, the telephone in Philadelphia in 1876 and the electric car and the wireless telephone in 1970 in Osaka. The World Expo theme for 2025 is, “Designing Future Society for Our Lives”. ISTC is pleased and honored to participate in World Expo 2025.