ISTC met with Trenco R&D

On March 12, 2024, Executive Director David Cleave met with Trenco R&D representatives. Trenco R&D was represented by the General Director, Yernar Dzhakashev, and the Project Manager, Rozlana Kozhakhmetova. The parties were introduced to each other and explored common areas of potential interest. TRENCO R&D is a creative space aimed at developing scientific and engineering potential to improve the knowledge-based economy.
The main activities of TRENCO R&D are:
· Scientific and scientific-technical activities, including the field of electric power engineering and engineering.
· Development of industrial production and improvement of practical production using "green" and energy-saving technologies.
· Technology transfer.
· Commercialization of technology.
· Consulting services.
ISTC looks forward to future collaboration with Trenco R&D and our other partners.