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ISTC attends a STRI webinar on emerging technologies for customs


 On 27 January 2022 ISTC attended a webinar entitled Emerging   Technologies and Customs Enforcement of United Nations Security   Council Resolution 1540, on the invitation by its organizer, the US-   based Strategic Trade Research Institute (STRI).  The event was   sponsored by an ISTC State Party - the Republic of Korea. The   event was opened by Ismail Balla, a representative of the United   Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA), and featured an   expert panel discussion on ways that emerging technologies can help strengthen Customs enforcement of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540.

The panelists comprised Milena Budimirovic, Senior Technical Officer, World Customs Organization; Sanaullah Abro, Director Risk Management Systems, Pakistan Customs; and, Dr Andrea Viski, STRI Director. Andrea Viski is the founder of the Strategic Trade Research Institute in New York is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Strategic Trade Review, a peer reviewed journal dedicated to trade controls. She is a resource person of the EU-funded ISTC – implemented Targeted Initiative Export Control on Dual-Use Materials and Intangible Technologies in Central Asia.

Panelists discussed the technologies available to Customs and their applications as well as share national experiences of integrating technologies. The customs control over intangible technologies transfers (ITT) through audits or post exit monitoring poses the greatest challenges. The discussions during the webinar focused on concrete technology solutions as well as the future landscape for further strengthening the role of Customs in UNSCR 1540 enforcement.