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EU supported PhD student presented thesis work at International Conference


On September 16, 2022, PhD candidate Kamshat Saginbekova presented her research results on the topic “Strategic Trade Control (STC): Implications of dual-use technology transfer in Central Asian countries” at the EcoMod2022 International Conference on Economic Modelling and Data Science in Slovenia. The research results focused on the examination of the economic effects of the adoption and implementation of strategic trade control in Central Asia through the implications of dual-use technology transfer, particularly by assessment of the impacts on trade flows of dual-use related technologies and the effect of imports of dual-use related technology on productivity.

Kamshat Saginbekova is doing her PhD study at the European Studies Unit (ESU) of the University of Liege, Belgium and is a holder of the 2018 Doctoral Research Grant, awarded within the framework of the EU Targeted Initiative “CBRN Export Control on Dual-Use Materials and Technologies in Central Asia” implemented by the International Science and Technology Center.