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#0143Slag Melting for Radioactive Waste

Development of process induction slag melting of radioactive waste.

#01443D Dosimetry for Radiation Therapy

Development of a three-dimensional dosimetry planing system for radiation therapy.

#0145Nuclear Data for Fusion

Development of a library of evaluated nuclear data of charged particles for ITER and other applications to thermonuclear fusion.

#0147Linac Beam Dynamics

Image-Based Codes for Superlinac.

#0148Laser Parameters for Medicine

The development of medical l =9.6 mm laser and special purpose accessories.

#0149Laser Dental Driller

Conversion of military IR technique to medical laser technology for dentistry.

#0150Contamination of Agricultural Products

Contamination of Agricultural Products, Dose Burden for Population and Efficiency of Countermeasurement on Contaminated Lands: Probabilistic Methods of Estimation, mathematics and Software.

#0152Recycling of Automobile Tires

Design of Pressure Destruction Technology for Processing Waste Automobile Tires with Metal Cord and Development of New Composite Polymeric Materials with the Use of Products of Tire Processing.

#0152-2Recycling of Automobile Tires

Development of Barodestruction Technology of Technology of Recycling Scrap Tyres with Steel Cord and Creation of New Composite Materials Using the Products of Scrap Type Processing

#0153Thermovision Monitors for Nuclear Reactors (R)

Thermovision system for control of NPP equipment ("Thermocont").

#0153-2Thermovision Monitors for Nuclear Reactors

Thermovision System for Control of Nuclear Power Plant's (NPP) Equipment

#0154Heavy Ion Driver for Fusion

An energy fusion system concept based on heavy-ionity driver.

#0157Spallation of Tungsten

Spallation Experiment with Tungsten Target.

#0158Oxygen Treatment of Cancer

Development of methods and technologies for utilization of O18 as a cytostatic in a novel approach to treatment for cancer.

#0158-2Oxygen Treatment of Cancer-2

Development of Methods and Technologies for Utilization of Oxygen Stable Isotoe O18 as a Cytostatic in a Novel Approach to Cancer Treatment Stage 2: Experimental in Vivo and Vitro Study of O18 Antitumor and Cytotoxic Activity


GLOBUS-M Tokamak

#0159-2GLOBUS-M (Add 1)

GLOBUS-M Tokamak

#0159-3GLOBUS-M (Add 2)

GLOBUS-M Tokamak

#0159-4GLOBUS-M (Add 3)

Commissioning of Globus-M installation and collaborative fusion research with NSTX

#0161Spectroscopy of Tokomak

g-ray Spectroscopy of Tokamak Plasmas.

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ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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