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Muon Catalyzed Fusion


MUON Catalyzed Fusion and its Applications

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  • FUS-ICS/Inertial Confinement Systems/Fusion

8 Project completed

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Senior Project Manager
Karabashev S G

Leading Institute
Kurchatov Research Center / Mucatex, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • TRINITI, Russia, Moscow reg., Troitsk
  • VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov


  • Los-Alamos National Laboratory, USA, NM, Los-Alamos

Project summary

During last period of research in frame of the acting ISTC Project 25 "Muon Catalyzed Fusion and its Applications" it was recognized that the isotopic molecular composition of triple H/D/T mixture of hydrogen isotopes is the critical parameter for efficiency of the muon catalyzed fusion.

The main objective of the proposed subproject is the study of isotopes exchange in triple H/D/T mixtures and measurements of equilibrium constants in wide range of concentrations at low temperatures.

Raman scattering (RS) will be used as principal experimental method for quantitative analysis - it is necessary to develop as special equipment, so the methodology of RS analytical application for the low temperature hydrogen isotopes mixtures in gas and liquid phase, containing high amount of tritium.

Anticipated results:

• exact measurements of equilibrium constants and rates of isotope exchange in triple H/D/T mixtures of hydrogen isotopes at low temperatures;
• measurements of constants of Raman scattering on isotopic substituted hydrogen molecules in gas and liquid phase;
• development of new RS spectrometer for quantitative analyses of liquids and gases.

The pilot specimen of the RS spectrometer could be interesting itself as a new type of commercial analyzer. Results could be interesting to institutions, involved in R&D programs in laser spectroscopy, analytical chemistry and in the field of environment monitoring.

Obtained constants are widely applicable in fusion research and technology, especially in the D/T fusion fuel cycle and tritium technology in large scale fusion programs like ITER or TFTR; in hydrogen isotopes separation; and in other chemically hydrogen related technologies.


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