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Missile/Seismic Mathematics


Conversion of expertise in missile navigation to mathematical geophysics, and particularly to the problems of ecology and natural hazards.

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  • ENV-SEM/Seismic Monitoring/Environment

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Senior Project Manager
Compton J

Leading Institute
IIEPT (Earthquake Prediction), Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Ural Branch of RAS / Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Russia, Sverdlovsk reg., Ekaterinburg


  • Royal Observatory of Belgium, Belgium, Brussels\nUniversiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands, Utrecht\nKyoto University / Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Japan, Kyoto\nInstitut de Physique du Globe, France, Paris\nBritish Geological Survey, UK, Nottingham\nInternational Center for Theoretical Physics, Italy, Trieste\nCornell University / Institute for the Study of Continents, USA, NY, Ithaca\nTokai University / Department of Marine Science, Japan, Tokai\nCalifornia Institute of Technology / Seismological Laboratory, USA, CA, Los-Angeles\nObservatoire de Nice, France, Nice

Project summary

PURPOSE: To convert the group of weapon scientists, working on missile navigation, without loss of their high mathematical level, to participation in non-military research in mathematical geophysics, oriented to the problems of ecology and natural disasters.

For that purpose this group will be integrated into joint frontier research with the scientists, already working on these problems.


Development of new models of structure and dynamics of the Earth:

- models of short-term dynamics of lithosphere, with applications to earthquake prediction;
- new theoretical methods for Inverse problem for stress-fields in the solid Earth;
- development of computational models of geophysical hydrodynamics.

Development of methodology of solution of inverse problem for ionosphere, with application to Investigation of ozone holes.

Development of methodology of analysis of satellite data for pattern recognition of tectonic structures, presenting special interest for the study of ecology, natural disasters and mineral deposits.

FEASIBILITY of these results is confirmed by the fact that the participating scientists from the IIEPT have Important results in these areas of geophysics and close contacts with scientists from Belgium, France, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, USA, and other countries.

THE SCOPE OF ACTIVITY of the project will Include the following five stages:

(I) joint seminars to Involve the weapon scientists into mathematical geophysics and to formulate the concrete problems;
(II) theoretical analysis of selected problems by joint subgroups;
(III) creation of algorithms and software;
(IV) numerical analysis and real data processing;
(V) preparation of final reports.

The international contacts of the IIEPT will be widely used during the project execution. They will include visits of the former weapons scientists from IMM to the foreign scientific centers.

METHODOLOGY includes the methods of applied mathematics which are used for creation of algorithms for navigation and control of missiles and in mathematical geophysics. The experience in the theory of dynamical systems (IMM) and the theory of chaos (IIEPT) will be merged for the study of dynamics of the lithosphere. The experience in numerical modeling (IMM, IIEPT) will be transferred jointly to geophysical models (IIEPT). The experience in pattern recognition and scene analysis (IMM) will be merged with [geophysical pattern recognition (IIEPT) based on geophysical and geological data.


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