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Acoustoelectronic Components for Communication and Control Systems


Research and Development of Acoustoelectronic Components for Communication and Environmental Control Systems of the New Generation

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  • INF-SIG/Sensors and Signal Processing/Information and Communications

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Komashko B A

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Russian Academy of Sciences / Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics, Russia, Moscow


  • University of Arizona, USA, AZ, Phoenix

Project summary

The project is aimed to the research and development of advanced acoustoelectronic components for the modem and the future consumer and commercial communication systems, including satellite and cellular ones, being under elaboration at the present time, and for environmental control systems as well. That is the project is oriented towards the systems whose operation facilities, as specialists consider now, are strongly dependent on the success in proper acoustoelectronic components development. Acoustoelectronic components for such applications have to be primarily cheap, compatible with other components fabrication technology and based upon 'widespread materials available in the mass production. A whole set of scientific institutions all around the world are engaged in research works to develop such acoustoelectronics components. The present project may be treated as a constituted part of these world scientific efforts in solving this problem important for the whole humankind.

Due to its previous activity IRE RAS has obtained rather good experience and high achievements in the field of acoustoelectronics: a whole row of new physical phenomena important for signal processing applications has been first discovered and investigated as well as a whole row of practical devices has been designed, record low loss acoustic materials have been suggested and used in practice, new technology for high frequency SAW device fabrication has been elaborated a generalized theory of acoustic waves propagation in piezoelectric anisotropic multilayered structures permitting fast computation of the main acoustoelectric parameters at SAW device design has been created, etc. All these experiences, achievements and approaches are supposed to be used in the course of the present project implementation.

Among the anticipated results of the present project should be noted the following. The project will provide possible new physical principles, new laboratory prototypes based upon these principles and experimental results of the testing of these prototypes. The acoustoelectronic components to be developed as laboratory prototypes are:

- surface acoustic wave niters in the range 30-3000 MHz for communication systems application,
- bulk acoustic wave delay lines and resonators having high Q-factor and ultra high operating frequencies in the range 1-10 GHz suitable for the future communication systems application,
- diminutive surface acoustic wave sensors and sensor arrays for the analysis of the hazardous gases, gas mixtures, humidity and temperature with stability of about ± 20 % per one year for the future systems of environment control.

Potential Role of Foreign Collaborators

All foreign participants in the project are actively working in the field of acoustoelectronics. Their permanent consultations at every stage of the project, including the stage of formulating the main scientific and technical tasks, are planning. The foreign participants will perform independent device prototype measurements to supplement or complement these performed in IRE RAS, win take part in scientific discussions of all main theoretical and experimental results obtained in this project Their assistance will be indispensable when selecting certain device prototypes, among these fabricated in the frame of the project, fitted for further mass production. All necessary works connected with the organization of such possible mass production will be performed together with the foreign participants of this project.


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