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Wave Tube for TV Transmitter


Development of Powerful High Efficiency Broadband Traveling Wave Tube for TV Transmitter of New Generation in Band IV-V

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  • INF-SIG/Sensors and Signal Processing/Information and Communications

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Senior Project Manager
Nietzold D

Leading Institute
NPO Toriy, Russia, Moscow


  • Rohde&Schwarz GmbH & Co., Germany, Munich

Project summary

At present in Russia and other countries of CIS to broadcast not less than four television programs is the urgent problem, as only one third of the population of these countries can use three TV programs and others can use one or two TV programs. It was shown by analyzing in common with SRIR (Scientific and Research Institution of Radio), that this problem can be solved by a manufacturing of a large number of TV transmitters in band IV-V with 1-5 kW sync peak power for small, average and large cities under the traditional approach to this problem. Therefore at the enterprises SRPE (State Research and Production Enterprise) "Toriy" and SRILRC (Scientific and Research Institution Long-Distance Radio Communication) the possibility to create the multi-channel TV transmitter of a new generation in band IV-V on the basis of their technological potential and earlier fulfilled developments was considered. As a result the project of TV transmitter of a new generation in band IV-V has been developed which for the first time will provide the multi-channel mode of operation in all frequency range 470-860 MHz (for example, 6 channels on 5/0,5 kW or 14 channels on 2/0,2 kW and etc.), improved TV signal quality and reduced energy consumption due to the output stage on the basis of the powerful broadband TWT with a multi-stage depressed collector. That TV transmitter will ensure advantages on the basic characteristics not only before "Ilmen" transmitter, produced in Russia, but also before TV transmitters produced by other firms.

The development of the powerful (up to 50-60 kW at saturation) broadband (bandwidth about 6O tf) TWT with a multi-stage depressed collector С technical efficiency not less than 40 tf) should be the main step of the creation of TV transmitter of a new generation, for which the proposed Project is intended.

This Project will be carried out in two stages. In the first stage the market investigations will be fulfilled to determine a demand on the multi-channel TV transmitters and a requirement to the TWT output characteristics. The obtained results will be basis to adopt the decision about the second stage of this Project - TWT development.

This Project will be carried out in SPJPE "Torii", where TWT UV-308 has been developed for a near by frequency band with output power about 100 kW and where the appropriate high technology has been created.

Preliminary experimental and theoretical researches of the multi-frequency mode of UV-308 operation have been carried out and it was shown, that similar device can be used in a multi-channel mode for TV transmitter with an allowed value of intermodulation products.

As a result of the proposed Project an experimental model of the powerful TWT with above-mentioned characteristics will be designed, that will provide a multi-channel mode for TV transmitter of a new generation in band IV-V.

The high quality of TV signal in such TV transmitter, which will be provided due to a very broadband TWT and high linear mode of TWT operation, can be used the best of all in a high definition TV (HDTV) and in a digital TV.

It was shown by economic estimating that the cost of one channel in the multi-channel TV transmitter of a new generation will be more than half as high as that of similar channel TV transmitters produced by West Europe firms (for example, in NT354A1 transmitter of Rohde & Schwarz).

Foreign Collaborators

Firms from ISTC financing territories are invited to take part in the Project and for introduction of the results, which will be obtained after the fulfillment of the proposed Project.

The first stage of the Project will be carried out by the participation of Rohde & Schwarz.


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