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Pharmaceutical scientists had intensive talks in Japan on herbal medicines from flora of Kyrgyzstan

Here is a brief report of the ambitious talks conducted from August 31 to September 4, 2015, among two Kyrgyz researchers, Dr. Anara Umralina and Dr. Sergey Hegay of the Biotechnology Institute of the Kyrgyz Republic National Academy of Science ( and Japanese leading scientists of pharmacology.

The first meeting was in Nara Women's University ( with Prof. Satoru Matsuda. Prof. Matsuda expressed the view that the objectives of the project are of great practical significance and proposed to strengthen the fundamental problem in the direction associated with genetic passportization of the herbal objects. Studies conducted in their laboratory significantly fit into the research on the ISTC project.

The second meeting held in Kobe Gakuin University ( with Dr. Eibai Lee (Professor) and Dr. Riyo Enomoto. The meeting was attended by the coordinator of the University Mr. Kobata. This meeting was particularly rich in the exchange of information and understanding of the project objectives. Doctor Eibai Lee was very impressed with a list of Scutelaria species that will be used in studies and can be valuable sources of flavonoids. 

The third meeting was held in Yamanashi University ( with Dr. Takashi Ohtsuki and the meeting was attended by Coordinator of the University Katsuya Okuwaki. Dr. Takashi Ohtsuki pre-acquainted with our work. The attendees agreed that it is thoughtful questions its possible participation in joint research.

A visit to the Plant based Medicines Museum of Tsumura & CO. ( was a unique opportunity for the Kyrgyz researchers to see with their own eyes the use of plant resources for human health. The researchers were so impressed that they would never forget this experience with deep thanks to the warm welcome by the staff of museum and the research pision of the company represented by Dr. Osami Takeda.

Thus, the Kyrgyz scientists are very grateful for the universities, the experts, and the institution, who offered invaluable opportunities of discussion in friendly atmosphere. The talks were very productive. ISTC also thanks all the participants in the talks for their collaboration to ISTC’s experts exchange program.


Nara Women's University


Kobe Gakuin University


Yamanashi University


Medicines Museum of Tsumura & CO


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