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Kyrgyz green technologies were introduced at the exhibition RADIEX2015 and the experts meetings in Japan

The Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of the Kyrgyz Republic (ICCT, has developed various technologies for remediation of polluted environment (green technologies) through ISTC projects and also in cooperation with other institutions. ISTC has introduced these green technologies at the Radioactive Decontamination & Radioactive Waste Disposal International Exhibition (RADIEX), which was held in Tokyo, Japan on July 15-17, 2015 ( 

The exhibition, which resides at the Science Museum has been held annually since 2012. This year 89 companies, including decommissioning companies, local governments, Japanese Trading Houses, and Japanese contracting companies and organizations, have presented innovative related technologies at 100 booths. The organizers reported, that nearly 7,000 attendants visited the «RADIEX 2015» during these three days.

Prominent technologies, such as magnetized nano-composites combined with cross-linked sorbents, non-stoichiometric inter-polyelectrolyte complexes (NIPECs) for polluted soil and new substances based on pectin for anti-cancer drug delivery, were presented by ICCT via posters and oral presentations. ISTC has provided financial and personnel support for the ICCT scientists.

Three days of active work at the Exhibition made it possible to present abovementioned projects to potential Japanese Partners, including both private companies and governmental organizations. Interest from other countries’ representatives was also very high. Practically all presented technologies aroused interest and technical inquiries. As a result, the ISTC booth attracted attention of those, who were interested in the new technologies and cooperation with Kyrgyzstan and the CIS countries with the ISTC support. 

Furthermore, the ISTC in cooperation with Kyrgyz scientists visited Japanese institutions of Tsukuba University (Tsukuba, Ibaraki;, Japanese Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA, Iwaki Office; and Japanese Association for Chemical Innovation (JACI, Tokyo;

The purpose of the technical meetings was to present and discuss new results on chemical and interdisciplinary research of ICCT. Contributions gave a new view and improved insights into humic acid behavior, absorption of polyelectrolytes on the colloids. For each topic, there were invited talks on an overview and specific issues, referring to recently published results. Hot talks, questions, answers, comments developed among contributing speakers and the participants. In the meeting at JACI, Several JACI members were interested in air pollutants and GHG emissions control technologies as well as remediation technologies for the environment. The members also expressed their interest in the ISTC Partner Project scheme.

With a support of JAEA, the delegation of Kyrgyz scientists completed a one-day field trip to the contaminated areas in Fukushima prefecture affected by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident. JAEA demonstrated i) contamination patterns on the field as a result of rain and river run-off, ii) the radionuclides behavior, and iii) the environmental restoration of contaminated soil and agricultural products.

ISTC thanks all the involved organizations and persons, who realized the exhibition and the experts meetings.


RADIEX2015, Tokyo, 15-17 July ,2015


Tsukuba University, 20 July, 2015


JAEA, Fukushima, 21 July, 2015


JACI, Tokyo, 22 July, 2015


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