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#2700Neoplasia Inhibition by Nanosecond Electric Discharges

Research into Applicability of High-Energy Factors of Nanosecond Corona and High-Current Electric Discharges for Cancerous Growth Inhibition

#2701Clays Characteristics for Medicine

Comprehensive Study of Structure, Morphology, Porosity, Radioactivity, and Chemical, Elemental and Mineral Contents of Natural Clays for Enhancement of their Utilization Efficiency in Therapeutic and Prophylactic Medicine

#2712Explosive Protection Means

Explosive Protection when Fighting Terrorism and in other Areas of People Activity Related to Explosives Handling

#2715Geodynamics of the West Antarctic

Geodynamics of the West Antarctic and Phenomenon of the Development of Continental Margins of the World Ocean

#2720Estimation of Seismic Vulnerability of Buildings

Near Real-Time Estimation of Seismic Vulnerability of Buildings with Images Application

#2725Transdermal Therapeutic Systems

Design of the Transdermal Therapeutic Systems for Health Care Medicine and Medicine in Disasters

#2749Consulting in Biotechnology-Related Projects

Development of Complex Consulting System for Accompanying Biotechnology-Related Projects

#2751Microwave Technology of the Flax Processing

Development of Foundations of Microwave Technology for the Processing of Flax and Flax-Inclusive Materials into Products of Different Kinds

#2775Effect of Soot Aerosols on Animals

The Study of Deposition and Pathogenic Effect of Soot Aggregates Aerosols in Laboratory Animals

#2776Two Dimensional Protein Arrays

Two Dimensional Protein Arrays with Regular Structure for Analytical Biotechnology

#2795Destruction of Toxic Industrial and Domestic Waste

Disinfection and Destruction of Toxic Domestic Waste and Materials on the Basis of Slow Oxidation Processes with Ecologically Pure Energy Sources

#2798Radiation Mechanism of Biosphere Homochirality Origin

Experimental Testing of Radiation Mechanism of Chiral Biosphere Dissymmetry Origin

#2802Artificial Heart

Artificial Heart Based on the Pulsating Centrifugal Pump

#2839Radiation-Induced Processes in Reactor Materials

Fundamental Studies of Radiation-Induced Processes for Production of Radiation Resistant Structural Materials for Fission and Fusion Reactors and Future Advanced Technologies

#2840Combustion Process at Microgravity

Development of Experimental Complex for Investigation of Combustion Process at Microgravity

#2869Atomic Xenon Laser

Achievement of Ultimate Efficiencies and Output Powers for Atomic Xenon Laser Excited by Different Methods

#2871Operative Vas Thrombosis Therapy

Realization of Researches on the Development of the Compact Portable Automated Equipment for Operative Diagnostics and Therapy of the Brain Vas and Carotid Artery Thrombosis. Code “Piezo-Thrombus”

#2892Membranes for Transdermal Drug Delivery

Development of Artificial Membranes to be Used in Medicine and Human Ecology Based on the Imitation of Drug Transdermal Delivery Processes

#2900Intra-Osseous Implants

New Materials for Intra-Osseous Implants and Methods of Their Biocompatibility Estimation

#2934Conservation of Monuments with Polymers

Fundamental Physicochemical Studies of Conservation Processes and Determination of Conditions for Conservation of Monuments from Porous Materials with Based-on-Polyacrylate Compositions

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