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#1877Extracorporal Cancer Immunotherapy

Development of Technique for Cancer Immunotherapy Based on the Complex Extracorporal Activation of Natural and Adoptive Immunity: Experimental and Clinical Studies

#1889Civilian Science Center in Sarov

Technical, Economical and Social Justification for the Project of Open Research Center in the City of Sarov

#1902Nervous Stresses in Industry Environment

The Development of Ecopsychologic Methods for Evaluation and Prophylactics of Nervous and Psychic Strain in Population Inhabiting the Regions with Disposition of Potentially Dangerous Industry Objects

#1903Incapsulated secreting transgenic cells

Preparation and Study of Encapsulated Transgenic Cells Producing Polypeptide Immunomodulators

#1906Health Monitoring

New Technology of Polyparametric Monitoring for Medical and Ecological Research

#1965Gas Discharge Sterilization in Medicine

Development of Technology for Medical Instrumentation Sterilization by means of Gas Discharge Technique

#1997Acoustic Dictionary

Translation and Editing the Manuscript “Acoustic Encyclopaedia”, Make-up Page Creation

#2003Infrasonic and Microseismic Fields

The Influence of Natural and Industrial Infrasonic and Micro Seismic Fields on Human Organism

#2038Geophysical Methods for CTBT Verification

Experimental Development of Geophysical Technologies of Continuation Phase of CTBT OSI with the Aim of Recording Physical Fields Anomalies Conditioned by Conduct of Underground Nuclear Explosions in Different Geological Conditions

#2152Optimization of Multi-Channel Lasers

Study of Radiation Properties of Different Types Multi-Channel Lasers and Optimization of their Parameters

#2205The Structure and Metabolism of Human Plasma Lipoproteins

Metabolic Compartments of Human Plasma Lipoproteins at Normo- and Hypertriclyceridemia

#2263Telecommunications Approaches to NPP Emergency Control

Applied Research in Telecommunications and Multimedia Hardware and Software for Online Emergency Control at NPPs

#2288Liposomal Preparations against Drug Resistant Tumors

Development and Study of Liposomal Preparations for Therapy of Drug Resistant Tumors

#2300Constructing a set of instruments for operation under increased pressure

Construction of a set of instruments to study energetics of macromolecule stabilization under increased pressure and examination of the influence of ultrahigh pressure on the structural stability and kinetics of protein denaturation/renaturation

#2308Independent Systems of Description of Color and Light

Elaboration of Independent Systems of Psychological Formal Description of Properties of Color and Light Emittance Sensations Sets on the Basis of Equivalence and Order Relations between Sensations

#2309Fullerens Production

Investigation of Processes of Fullerens Production and Development of New Methods of Production

#2343Medical Control of Personnel for Dangerous Processes

Development of the Medical & Psychological Control and Support System for Groups of People Involved into Extremely Dangerous Technological Processes (SMPC)

#2346Personal locator radiobeacons application in extreme situations

The Global subsystem of increasing personal defense in extreme situations - “RODONIT”

#2354.2Blood Protection

Blood Protection

#2363Pilot Project on ISO 14000

Development of the Pilot Project of Environmental Management System for Minatom RF Enterprise in Compliance with ISO 14000 Standards on Environmental Management and its Testing in RFNC-VNIIEF

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