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#1588Diagnostics of Radionuclides Effects Results

Development of New Methods and Means of Assessing of Consequences of Radionuclide and Heavy Metal Salt Effect, Criteria of Forecasting Physiological State and Productivity of the Farm Animals under Conditions of Ecological Pollution of Environment

#1589Laser Monitoring of Vegetation

Creation of a Laser System for Remote Monitoring of Vegetative Cover to Predict its State

#1598Shock-wave Treatment of Blood Plasma

Methods for Shock-wave Correction of System Structures of Blood Plasma (Serum)

#1601Electromagnetic Fields in Oncology

Experimental and Clinical Validation of the Use of Low Intensity, Multi-Stage Modulation Electromagnetic Fields as Adjuvants and Immunomodulators in Oncology

#1615Cathode Luminescent Field Emission Light Sources

Design and Creation of the Working Prototypes of the Cathode-luminescent, Lightly Effective, Ecologically Pure Light Sources for Different Purposes, Utilising the Phenomenon of the Field Electron Emission of the Nanoclucter Carbon Structure

#1631Bio-Active Component "Bio Bacton"

Development the Industrial Technology to Produce the Bioactive Component "Biobacton" by means of Spray Drying

#1633Dangerous Micro-organisms Destruction

Method Development and Pilot Installation Creation for Destroying of Especially Dangerous Forms of Micro-organisms

#1634Plasma Light Sources

High Efficiency Plasma Light Sources with Adjustable Spectrum

#1649Indistructive Portable Control Equipment

Development of Fast Neutron Radiography and Tomography Methods Based on a Portable Equipment

#1657Zinc Diethyl Risk Assessment

Toxicological and Hygienic Risk Assessment of Zinc Diethyl Autooxidation and Hydrolysis Products at Normal Temperature and Air Humidity. Synthesis and Analysis of Physical and Chemical Properties of Zinc Diethyl Transformation Products

#1677Radiophone Ecological Safety

Development and Research of Radiation Deflector that Increases the Operation Time and Ecological Safety of Radiophone

#1680Ural Region Geoinformation System

Geoinformation System for Safe Transportation of Highly Hazardous and Hazardous Cargoes by Motor Vehicles in Sverdlovsk Region and Ekaterinburg

#1715Capillary Cement Materials

Research of Properties of Capillary Cement Materials (CCM) and of Possibility of their Application for Want of Construction and Repair of Objects with a Radiation Load

#1729Spectrometer - Dosimeter

Development and Investigation of the Small-Scale Desk-Top Electronic Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer - Ionizing Emissions Dosimeter

#1761Nuclear Lagoon

Nuclear Lagoon for Biomass Photosynthesis with Use of Radioluminescent Radiation of Nuclear-Optical Converter

#1765Gas-Explosion Destruction of Chemical Munitions

Validation of Gas-Explosion Destruction of Explosion-Hazardous Chemical Munitions

#1769New Photosensitizers for Medicine and Photobiology

Fast Photochemical Process in Photosensitizer Dye-DNA Complexes - Scientific Basis for the Creation of New Generation of Photosensitizers for Medicine and Photobiology

#1776Nondestructive Check of Structure Changes in Materials

Study of Features of Weak Disturbances Propagation in Solid Medium During Structure Changes and Development of Pilot Technologies and Equipment for Nondestructive Check of Structure

#1784High-Voltage Gas Switches Maintenance

Development and Production of Trial Samples of the Mobile Gas-Technologic Complex for Environmentally Safe Maintenance of High-Voltage SF6 Switches

#1857Informational Technologies for Export Control System

Telecommunication Informational and Analytical System for Technical Support of Export Control for MINATOM of Russia

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