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#0667Selection Rhizobial Strains

Development of Molecular Genetic Technology for Construction and Subsequent Selection of Highly Efficient Rhizobial Strains to Increase the Yields of Legumes

#0684Earth Protection from Comets

Writing a Copy of the Book on Processing of the International Conference SPE-94 "Protecting the Earth from Collision with Asteroids and Comets

#0686Earth Crust Investigation

Investigation of Geological Properties of the Earth Crust with the Use of Powerful Controlled Sources of Electromagnetic Field for Fundamental Research and Earthquakes Prediction

#0700-2Tritium Effect on Human Body

Health-Biological Study of Tritium and Tritium Oxide Effect on Human Organism.

#0704Nuclear Explosions Impact on Mining

Investigations of Underground Nuclear Explosions Impact on Natural Collectors, and Possibilities of Practical Utilization of Revealed Mechanisms in Mining Industry

#0718Zero-Gravity Experiment

Research to Provide Creation of Recoverable Vehicle with Scientific and Technological Equipment Weight Increased to 400kg for Conducting Zero-Gravity Experiments by Submarine-Launches of the "Volna" Rocket

#0734High Power Neutron Source Based on Inductive Cascade Storage

Study of Plasma and Electrophysical Processes in the Pulsed and High Current Discharges for the Development of the Minik Conceptual High Neutron Source Design, Using the Inductive Cascade Storage

#0753Viable Viruses in Neolithic Remains

Search for Viable Viruses and their Genetic Elements in Neolithic Remains of Gorny Altai and Old Cemeteries in the Permafrost Region of Russia

#0756Oxygen Generators for Medicine

Generation of Ultra Pure Oxygen and Oxygen-Ozone Mixtures for Medical Purposes.

#0764Human Cell Karyotyping

Software and Hardware Complexes for Human Cell Karyotyping (Karyotype Identification and Morphological Analysis: New Data< Methods and Hardware)

#0770Transient Processes Modeling

Development of Methods to Research Transient Processes in Irregular Waveguides with TEM-wave

#0784Aerosol Particles in Lungs

Dynamical Modeling of Composition Transformation and Deposition of Aerosol Particles in the Respiratory Tracts and Lungs

#0809Control of Snow-avalanche

Use of Fuel-air Explosive Explosion for the Control

#0836Fighting Forest Fires

Experimental Investigation of Forest Fires and New Methods for Fighting Them

#0845Human Bone Marrow Cells

Development and Implementation into Practice of the Health Protection Device for Immunomagnatic Separation of the Human Bone Marrow Cells

#0855High Velocity Plasma Fluxes

High Velocity Laser Plasma Fluxes in Strong Magnetic Fields and their Application for Optimization of Pressure Profile and Current Distribution in Magnetic Confinement Systems and in Modeling Solar Plasma-Magnetic Phenomena

#0881Minerals under Gamma-radiation

Investigation into the Behavior of Color of Rough Minerals Under Gamma-Radiation and Research for Methods of Stabilizing and Retaining Color Changes

#0894Photon Spectrometer on Heavy Crystals

Development and Studies of Prototypes of Photons Spectrometer Based on Heavy Crystals

#0901Recovery of Rough Diamonds

Development of Innovative Ecologically Safe Technology for Recovery, treatment and Approximate Analysis of Rough Diamonds

#0903High-Speed Plasma Fluxes

Formation and Application of High-Speed Dense Plasma Fluxes, Generated in High-Current Electric Discharges

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