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#3601Materials for Rechargeable Batteries

Development and Testing of Nanostructured Oxide Materials for Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries

#3764Solder Ceramics and Metals

Development of a Technology to Solder Ceramics and Metals Using Active Solders Not Containing Precious Metal

#A-1139Silicon carbide based nanostructures

The Syntheses, Fabrication and Investigation of SiC Based Nanostructures

#A-1256Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis Technologies

Development of SHS-technologies for SiC, Si3N4 and Ceramic Composites on Their Basis from Rocks

#A-1405High-Silicon Glasses and Coatings

Development of Coverings for High-Temperature (up to 1800 C) Protection of Construction Materials

#A-1457Micro- and Nano-Composite Ceramics

New Methods for the Synthesis of Silicon Carbide Based Micro- and Nano-Composite Ceramics

#A-1503Direct-heating Skull Furnace

Development of a Mathematical Model of a Direct-heating Skull Furnace for High-melting Glass Production

#A-1579High Thermal-Shock Resistant Ceramics

The Technology of Manufacturing of High Thermal-Shock Resistant Ceramics

#A-1614Alumina Ceramic Composite

Mechanically Induced Activation of Al Powder in the Medium of Organic Solvents and Synthesis of Alumina Based Ceramic Composites

#A-1655Treatment of Radioactive Wastes

Treatment of Radioactive Wastes of Nuclear Power Plants by their Immobilization into the Stable Matrix Glass-Crystalline Materials – Pyrocerams (Sitalls) on the Base of Natural Minerals

#A-1658Solid Bodies Junction Strength

Deformable Solid Bodies Junction Strength Problems with Outside Fields Influences

#A-1900Thermoregulating Coatings for Space Vehicles

New Technology of Obtaining of Thermoregulating Coatings for Space Vehicles

#A-1947Functionally Graded Micro-electromechanical Systems

Modeling and Development of Functionally Graded Micro-electromechanical Systems Operating in Complex Environmental Conditions for Industry

#A-2030Ferroelectrics and multiferroic ceramics and nanolayers

Synthesis of ferroelectrics/multiferroic ceramics and nanolayers for microwave and sensors applications

#A-955High-Silica Glasses and Coatings

Development of High-Silica Glasses and High-Temperature Coatings Based Thereon for the Oxidation Protection Used in Technics of High Temperatures

#B-1235Nanocrystalline fibers and waveguides

Novel Multifunctional Nanocrystalline Glass Ceramic Materials for Infrared Optoelectronics

#B-345Ceramics Processing with SHF Fields

The Investigation of Physical and Chemical Regularities of Syntheses and Sintering of Ceramic Materials by SHF Fields and Development of the Base of Burning Technology of Ceramic Products

#B-448Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Development and Demonstration of the Advance Technology of New Type Production of Pipe High Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Making of Pilot Samples of these Elements for Standard Conditions of Application in Electrochemical Current Sources

#B-460Shock-Wave Processing of Materials by Explosion

Shock-Wave Phenomena and Effects of Energy Cumulation at Processing of Materials by Explosion. Dynamic Synthesis and Consolidation of Covalent Ceramic and Diamond Materials

#B-685Manufacturing of Ceramic-Polymeric Materials

Technology Development and Pilot Unit Engineering for Deriving of Dielectric and Electro-Conducting Ceramic-Polymer Materials with Optimum Properties and Articles from them for Electronics and Heat Engineering