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#0789Ceramics Thermosynthesis in Combustion Wave

Development of New Resource-Saving Technologies for Ceramic Material Production: High resistant Pigments, Heat Shielding, Plasters, Filters, etc.; by the Method of Controllable Thermosynthesis in Combustion Wave Using Industrial Metal-Containing Wastes

#1046High-Frequency Ceramic Materials

Development and Study of Ceramic Materials Having Special Properties: Dielectric Permittivity , Low Losses and Low Values of Temperature Permittivity Coefficient (TPC) Together with Up-to-date Technology of Processing of these materials into Articles

#1091-2Integrated Thermionic Microcircuits

Development of the Project and Creation of Prototypes of Integrated Thermionic Microcircuits for Operation in Extreme Environment

#1760Metal - Ceramic Junction

Ways and Technology of Connection of Ceramics and Metals with Ceramics for Creation of Thermo-Stable, Tight and Strong Products

#1819.2Plutonium Ceramic in Underground Storage

Study of Plutonium Ceramics Alteration under Conditions of Underground Disposal

#1885Materials with Anomalous Magnetoresistance

Optical and Microwave Properties of Materials with the Colossal Magnetoresistance and of Related Composites

#2747New Acoustic Methods, Materials and Sensors

The Development of Acoustic Methods of Measurement of Media Parameters and Their Application for New Materials Characterization and the Design of Sensors as Surface and Bulk, Acoustic Waves Devices

#2831Large Deformation Technology Modeling

Developing of 3D Code for Modeling of the Technological Processes of Loading and Pressing Involving Large Deformations

#2839Radiation-Induced Processes in Reactor Materials

Fundamental Studies of Radiation-Induced Processes for Production of Radiation Resistant Structural Materials for Fission and Fusion Reactors and Future Advanced Technologies

#2900Intra-Osseous Implants

New Materials for Intra-Osseous Implants and Methods of Their Biocompatibility Estimation

#2941Metal-Oxide Superconductors

Structurally Perfect Metal-Oxide Superconductors of the Y-Ba-Cu-O System with Improved Superconducting Characteristics

#3113Deep-Burnable Glass Micro-Fuel

Theoretical and Conceptual Substantiation of Deep-Burnable Glass Micro-Fuel for Fast Reactors

#3127Superconducting Nanomaterials

Nanostructural Superconducting Metal-Oxide Materials

#3242Microwave Synthesis of Metal-Ceramic Structures

Mass-Transport Phenomena and Enhancement of Metal-to-Ceramics Adherence Under Sintering in the Fields of Power Microwave Radiation

#3324Hybrid Nanocomposites on the Basis of Synthetic Oxide Nanofillers

Hybrid Polymer-Inorganic Nanocomposites with New Level of Thermomechanical and Electrophysical Properties on the Basis of Synthetic Oxide Nanofillers of Specified Shape and Composition

#3331Oxide Nanomaterials for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Oxide Nanomaterials for Lithium-Ion Batteries

#3450Glass-Forming Charge for Hydrogen Containers

Theory and Methods of Glass-Forming Charge Synthesis to Produce Hydrogen Micro-Containers

#3503Shock-Crash-Fire Porous Refractories

Shock-Crash-Fire Porous Refractories for Impact Limiters and Thermal Barriers

#3567Fullerene-containing Carbon Matrices for Transmutation of Iodine

Synthesis and Investigation of Fullerene-Containing Carbon Matrices for Transmutation of Iodine-129

#3588Fast Scintillators for Security Devices

Fast ZnS:Te based Scintillators for Customs Control and Security Systems