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#3055Phago-immunotherapy of plague

Emergency Therapy and Prophylaxis of Plague with Specific Bacteriophages and Monoclonal Antibodies

#3059Sensitivity of Blood Cells to Allergens

Testing of Allergic Reactions in Vitro Individual Sensitivity of Blood Cells to Allergens with the Help of Dielectrophoresis

#3061Influenza of Birds of Western Siberia

Monitoring of Influenza A Viruses in Populations of Birds of Western Siberia

#3071Frozen Wooly Mammoth

Paleontological, Histological and Microbiological Studies of Frozen Wooly Mammoth Carcasses

#3096Radiation synthesis method for anti-tuberculosis medical preparation

Development of Radiation Synthesis Method for new Highly Efficient Antituberculosis Medical Preparation "Izodex"

#3100Irradiation for Increase Agricultural-Crop Capacity

Application of Ionizing-Radiation Sources to Increase Agricultural-Crop Capacity and Adaptivity

#3102Heavy Elements Accumulation in the Explosion Epicenter

The Disturbance Zone from an Underground Nuclear Explosion as a Physical Model of Heavy Elements Accumulation Zone Formation

#3114Cosmic rays and thunderstorm activity of planetary atmospheres

The Association of Cosmic rays and Penetrating Radiation to Thunderstorm Electrical Activity and the Implications for Planetary Atmospheres

#3121Cultivating Human Skin Cells for Transplantation

The Development of a Technology of Cultivating Human Skin Cells for Transplantation at Treating Skin Defects

#3133Tool for Urological Surgery

Development of the Tool for Urological Surgery

#3136Oncological Death Rate Depending on Doses of Irradiation

The Investigation of the Incidence Rate and Structure of Oncological Mortality Dose Ratio in the Personnel of Siberian Chemical Plant

#3144Characteristics of Erythrocytes of Patients with Liver and Heart Pathology

A Study of Electric and Viscoelastic Characteristics of Erythrocytes of Patients with Alcohol or Virus-Associated Liver and Heart Diseases

#3145Мodulation of Аpoptosis in Cardio-Vascular Diseases

Modulation of Apoptosis as a New Approach for Prevention and Therapy of Acute Heart Diseases

#3149Radiation Monitoring of Geological Environment

Development of Scientific Basis for Radiation Monitoring of Geological Environment: Data System and Criteria for Assessment of Present and Future Situation in Radioactively Contaminated Areas

#3150Monitoring of Food and Water in Kirov

Environment Monitoring of Food and Water in Kirov

#3163Polymers with shungit for artificial bones

Shungit Filled Polymers for Artificial Bone Articulations

#3165Acetylsalicylic acid as soluble tablets

Realization of Pharmacological Tests, Development of the Specifications and Technical Documentation and Registration in the Russian Federation of Medical Products as Soluble Tablets of Acetylsalicylic Acid/Calcium Carbonate in Two Dosages Intended for use

#3166Materials with shape memory effect

Study of Physical-Mechanical Properties of Materials with Shape Memory Effect with Account for Phase Transitions

#3180Precise Real-Time Spectroellipsometry for the Quality of Natural and Waste Waters

An Adaptive Spectroellipsometric Technology and Portable Optical Devices for the Precise Real-Time Monitoring of the Quality of Natural and Waste Waters

#3183Device for Local Barotherapy

Design of Devices of the Extremities Frequency - Adaptive Intermittent Local Barotherapy of the Extremities

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