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#2949Animals Sounds for Animals State Monitoring

Development of Acoustical Detection Methods for Ecological Monitoring

#2953Technology of Sawdust Products

Development of Manufacturing Technique and Characteristics Study of Products, Made of Sawdust without Using Binding Materials

#2957Human Tumors Pathology

The Information System of the Department of Human Tumors Pathology at Russian Cancer Research Center, RAMS, on Formalized Gross Descriptions of Different Gastrointestinal Tumors in Oncologic Patients

#2958Earthquake Prediction in Kamchatka Region

A new Paradigm of Earthquake Prediction: Development of Theoretical Base and Real Time Application to an Analysis of Geodynamical Activity in the Kamchatka Region

#2961Biometric System to Control Access to Nuclear Facilities

Development and Investigation of Biometric System Aimed to Control Access to Nuclear Facilities and Provide Personnel Identification and Radiation Exposure Survey

#2962Advanced Pulsed Neutron Sources

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Dynamics of Advanced Pulsed Neutron Sources of Periodic Operation

#2963Host Cell Genes and West Nile Infection

Search for Potential Targets for Development of Antiviral Agents Among Host Cell Genes Up- and Down-Regulated During West Nile Viral Infection

#2966Laser Refractometry for Biomedical Diagnostics

Application of a New Method of Laser Refractometry for Determining the Stimulating Action Mechanisms of Optical Therapy, for Disease Diagnostics and Treatment Efficiency Evaluating of Pneumonia and Helminthosis

#2986High-Intensity Laser Pulses for Oncology

Study of Ablation Processes and Potential Hazard to DNA in Pathological Biotissue Irradiated by High-Intensity Visible and Near IR Laser Pulses for Application in Oncological Practice

#2997System Ocean-Atmosphere

Evaluation of Satellite-Derived Heat and Water Fluxes in Oceans and Their Influence on the Weather-Forming Factors at Continents with Passive Microwave Methods

#2999Biopreparation for Forest Protection

Technology for Obtaining Fur-Protective Biopreparation Against Spruce Bark Beetles on the Basis of Using Highly-Active Entomopathogenic Metarhizium Anisopliae Metsch Strain

#3001Explosive Phenomena in the Solar Corona

Investigation and Prediction of Explosive Phenomena in the Solar Corona and of Coronal Mass Ejections to Improve Safety of Aerospace Flights

#3004Nanostructured Carbon Templates for Cell Cultures

Biocompatible Synthetic Templates for Cell Cultures Based on Nanocomposite Carbon Films

#3008Transportable Gamma-Spectrometer for Field Conditions

Development of Methodology for In-Situ Control of Soil Radioactive Contamination by Means of Gamma-Spectrometer with CdZnTe-Detector

#3010Electrohydraulic Forming Sheet Metals

Advanced Technology of Multistep Sheet Metal Stretch Forming on the Punch

#3023Deactivation of Fish Raw Materials

Development of Complex Technology to Remove Radionuclides out of the Fish Raw Material and Production of High-Quality Food Products

#3045Optical in Vivo Glucose Monitor

Developing 2D (Dual-Parameter) Methods and Means of Polarization Spectroscopy for Estimating Glucose Concentration in Vivo and Creating Artificial Pancreas

#3046Oral Influenza Vaccine

Experimental and Clinical Study of a Novel Oral Influenza Vaccine

#3049Cell Therapy of Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases

Design of the Novel Approach for Immunotherapy of Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases by the Use of the Allospecific Cytotoxic Lymphocytes

#3051Herb Root Cultures

Development of the New Technology for the Production of an Ecological Pure Plant Material – Root Cultures of Herbs

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