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#2397Development of Technology of Ecotoxicological Control

Development of the System of Ecotoxicological Control in the Territories Subjected to Radioactive and/or Chemical Contamination

#2407Plant Medicament for Nervous System

Elaboration of the Methods for the Production and Application of the Plant Source Preparation to Restore Central Nervous System and Psychical Functions

#2413Yersinia Pestis Adhesins

Study on Structural-Functional Properties of Proteins Providing Specific Adhesion of Yersinia Pestis with the Host Cells and Development of Approaches to their Use to Prevent Plague

#2418Heavy Metals Effect on Animal Cells

Studies of the Superheavy-metal Effect as a Stress-factor on Protein Biosynthesis and Cytoskeleton Integrity in Animal Cells

#2422Anti-Bedsore Systems

Developing and Fabricating the System for Adequate Preventing and Healing Bedsores, Muscular Contractures, Conjection Bronchial-Pulmonary Complications

#2424X-ray ARSA Irradiator

Development of a Pilot Model of Small-size X-ray ARSA Irradiator for Clinical Tests

#2466Recombinant Immunomodulatory Anti-Cancer Preparations

Development of Recombinant Targeted Anti-Cancer Immunomodulatory Preparations

#2469Antitumor effects of Interferons

Study of Antitumour Effectiveness of Interferones-gamma and alfa 2b in Cultures of Tumour Cells of Peripheral Blood and Marrow at Patients with Multiple Myeloma, Chronic Lympholeukemia and Myeloleukemia

#2487Equipment for Packing Medical Preparations

Development and Manufacturing of a Pre-Production Model of a Complex of the Equipment on Packing Vaccines and Other Gene-Engineering Preparations (Powder and Liquid) in Bottles ФО-1-10

#2512Investigation of Properties of Elasto-Flexible Intraocular Lenses

Investigation of Functional Properties of Elasto-Flexible Intraocular Lenses with Modifying Covering

#2527Pilot Sample of Ion Plating Facility

Advanced Development of the Unit of Ion Plating with Arc Sources Ensuring Forming of Coatings Without Drops

#2562High-Voltage Circuit-Breaker with SF6 Insulation

Development of High-Voltage Circuit-Breaker for 6 kV with SF6 Insulation for the Objects of Electric-Power Industry and Nuclear Power Plants

#2574Multifunctional Laser Surgical Facility

The Multifunctional Laser Facility Development for Skin Surgical Procedures

#2576Investigation of Ancient Metal

Investigation of Eastern Europe Ancient Metal by Using of Physics and Material Science Methods

#2614Magnetic Hemosorption

Development of Organism Detoxication Method by Means of Hemosorption Using Magnetic Adsorbents

#2646Durable Paper with Microencapsulated Biocide

Development of New Types of Biostable Durable Paper with Microencapsulated Biocide

#2648Long-exposure Barotherapy

Development of Long-exposure Barotherapy Technology and Improvement of Existing Treatment Barotherapeutic Schemes

#2668Affecting of Gamma-Radiating on Paint Protecting Coatings

Study of Affecting of Gamma-Radiation on Polymeric Solutions and their Component for Deriving Paint Coatings with New Service Properties in Operation Conditions of Atomic Productions and NPP

#2689Supercritical Pressure Water for Nuclear Power Engineering

Assessment of the Potentialities of the Use of Supercritical Pressure Water for Nuclear Power Engineering

#2697Healthful Inhaler

Technology for the Prototype of the Healthful Inhaler on the Basis of Dry Granular Substances

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