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#0907Superpower Semiconductor Switch

Superpower Semiconductor Switch Based on Reversed Switched Dinistor

#0922.2Wave Tube for TV Transmitter

Development of Powerful High Efficiency Broadband Travelling Wave Tube for ТV Transmitter of New Generation in Band IV-V

#0958Market Economic Relations

Government Regulation of the Market Economic Relations

#0961Ultra High-Speed Devices

Ultra High-Speed Devices and Microcircuits Based on A3-B5 Semiconductor Compounds Resistant to Cosmic Radiation Factors

#0981Automatic Monitoring of Aircraft Engine

Automatic Monitoring of Loading and Service Life Technology for TU-154M Aircraft Engine Main Components

#1013Roentgen Personell Protection

Development of Highly Effective Personal Protection Equipment for Medical Personnel and Patients during Roentgen Diagnostic Examinations

#1023.2Antenna Arrays for Radars

Antennas, Antenna Arrays (Active, Passive, Adaptive) and Their Elements Based on Planar and Three-Dimensional UHF (Microwave) and EHF (Millimeter Wave) Integrated Circuits Operating within Millimeter and Sub-Millimeter Wave Banks for Radar, Navigation, Co

#1080.2Automated Ultrasonic Hyperthermia Complex

Development of an Ultrasonic Hyperthermia Automated Complex for the Treatment of Oncologic Diseases, Code "Piezo-Thermo-Ultrasound"

#1091-2Integrated Thermionic Microcircuits

Development of the Project and Creation of Prototypes of Integrated Thermionic Microcircuits for Operation in Extreme Environment

#1277Paint Removal by Laser

Investigation of the Optimum Conditions to Remove Paint Coatings from Surfaces of Different Construction Materials Using Laser

#1290Cyclotron for Production of Nuclear Track Membranes

"Track". Development of the Complex on the Basis of the USTU-UPI 120-cm Cyclotron for Production of Nuclear Track Membranes and Investigation of their Separation Characteristics

#1312Microelectronic Basis for Pattern Recognition Systems

Research and Development of the Neuron-Like Microelectronic Component Basis with Data Compression for fast Pattern Recognition Systems in Experimental High Energy Physics, Atomic Stations Robotics, Interactive Computer Systems (NEURON)

#1324Plant-Growing Products Processing

New Materials and Technologies for Plant-Growing Products Processing

#1367Single Crystal Synthetic Diamond

Research and Development of Single Crystal Synthetic Diamond Technologies and Devices

#1371Anti-Personal Mines Detection and Deactivation

System of Improved Reliability for Detection and Deactivation of Anti-Personal Mines remaining in Place After the End of Military Operations

#1500Coatings for Solar Energy Sources

Investigation, Development and Realization of the Technological Process for Vacuum Deposition of Solar Selective Adsorption Coating with Increased Efficiency and Thermal Stability. Development and Experimental Investigation of Installations That Consume E

#1501Bird Repellents for Airport

New Means for the Birds Scaring, Based on Oscillatory Combustion of Condensed Systems, with the Purpose of the Flying Vehicles Collisions, Priventing in the Aerodromes Region

#1527Polymer Composite for Cancer Therapy

Polymer Composite for Arterial Embolization, Local Hyperthermia, and Interstitial Radiation Therapy in Treatment of Malignant Tumors of the Parenchymatous Organs

#1528Safety of Header and Effluent Disposal Systems

Studies of Chemical and Fluid Processes Important to the Operational Safety of Header and Effluent Disposal Systems in Chemical and Hydrocarbon Process Plant

#1551Enhance Flight Safety

Development of Airliners' Automation and Aircrew Information Principles to Enhance Flight Safety

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