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#KR-1534Fine Structure of Geomagnetic Variations

Fine Structure of Regular Geomagnetic Variations from Satellite and Ground-Based Data

#KR-1551Bifunctional, Moisture Saved Irrigative Equipment

Development of Bifunctional, Moisture Saved Irrigative Equipment and Relevant Manual Applied in Hot Climate and Compound Relief

#KR-1639Phytoremediation of Soils Contaminated by Uranium

Development of Phytoremediation Technology to Remediate Soils Contaminated with Anthropogenic Uranium in Kyrgyzstan

#KR-1649Center “Alternative Energetic”

Teaching, Training and Retraining of the Specialists and Population in Alternative Energetic

#KR-1684Plant-based Medicines

Cell Biotechnology of Plant-Based Medicines: Elite Lines of Germplasm and Hairy Root Cultures of Endemic and Rare Plant Species of Kyrgyzstan of the Genus of Scutellaria

#KR-1720Nanostructured Materials from Impulse Plasma in Liquid

Nanostructured Materials from Impulse Plasma in Liquid


Development and Research of New Biomaterials on the Basis of Polymers and Metal-Polymer Nanocompositions

#KR-1742Waste-Free Farm

Development and Creation of a Working Model of Waste-Free Energy-Sufficient Farm, Based on Use of Biogas Technology

#KR-1791Substances for Plant-Based Medicine

Development of Molecular-Genetic Approaches of Purposeful Search for Pharmacologically Active Substances for New Plant-Based Medicine Creation

#KR-1851Ecology of Pits in Chui Depression in Kyrgyzstan

Eco-Geological Influence of the Open-Pit Workings in Chui Depression, Kyrgyzstan and Ways of Solution

#KR-1858Hydraulic Structures of Small Hydropower Engineering

Introduction, Field and Model Research of Improved Constructions of Hydraulic Structures for Small Hydropower Engineering

#KR-1894Solar Activity and Climate Change

Solar Activity and Its Influence on Ocean Surface and Surface Atmosphere Temperature as Factors of Climate Changes in Deeply Continental Regions of Central Asia

#KR-1967Ecology and Open-Pit Mining

Estimation of Negative Influence of Open-Pit Mining upon Ecological Situation in Chui Valley (Kyrgyzstan)

#KR-475Biointensive Irrigating Farming

Development and Research in Ecologically Safe Systems of Biointensive Irrigated Farming and Increase of Soil Fertility in Central Asia

#KR-546Mountain Cattle Breed

The Creating of the Mountain Breed of Cattle and Production of Ecologically Pure Beef

#KR-633Phytoindication of Environmental Pollution

Phytoindication of Environmental Pollution

#KR-862Atherosclerosis in Kyrgizstan

Study of prevalence of lipid and non-lipid risk factors of coronary heart disease, features of apolipoproteins genotype in two ethnic populations (Kyrgyz and Russian)

#KR-866Meat-Fat Tail Breed of Sheep

Creation of Meat and Fat Tail Breed Sheep and Production of Ecologically Pure Mutton and Lamb

#KR-929Selective Pulsometry for Cardiomonitoring

The Human Cardiomonitoring on the Basis of Selective Pulsometry

#KR-967Bioherbicides for Narcotics Plants Destruction

Ecologically Safe Method of Destruction Plants Containing Drugs in the Kyrgyz Republic ("Bioherbicides")

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