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#K-667GIS Model for Kazakhstan

Creation of GIS model for the nations inhabiting region in Kazakhstan for cartographic support of ISTC projects on the example of territory zoning of RK by the degree of radiation risk

#K-800Technologies and Equipment for Transport Infrastructures

Innovative Solutions in the Sphere of Activity of Infrastructural Enterprises of Transport

#K-927Database on animal diseases in Republic of Kazakhstan

System of Forecasting and Monitoring of Spread of Infectious Diseases among Farm Animals on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Step I. Creation of a Database and Monitoring Laboratory on Especially Dangerous Infectious Diseases among Animals in

#KR-1052Heavy Metals Influence Risk in Tian-Shan Mining

Heavy Metals in Mining Objects of Tian-Shan: Migration, Risk Assessment

#KR-1060Biological Security of Agricultural Crops

Biological Security of Strategic Agricultural Crops

#KR-1113Low-Pressure Sprinkling System

Automatic Irrigation System with Low-Pressure Sprinkling Machines and Turbo-Pump Station

#KR-1120Physics of Life

Physics and Human Energy

#KR-1121Uranium Provinces of Central Asia

Complex Ecological and Biogeochemical Study of the Uranium Provinces of Central Asia (on the Example of Kyrgyzstan)

#KR-1140Heavy Nitrogen in Normal and Cancer Cells

The Hyperthermia and Cancers Therapy Mechanism of Negative Pions

#KR-1218Environment Phytoremediation

Environment Phytoremediation from Heavy Metals and Toxins on the Basis of Accumulative Plants

#KR-1262Critical Facts in Cancer Hyperthermia

Physical Principles of Cancer Hyperthermia in Electromagnetic Fields on the Basic of Phase Transition Theory into the Spectrum of Mutagenic Emission

#KR-1272New Yak Genotypes

Biological Methods of Creation of New Genotypes Yaks

#KR-1289Microbiological Monitoring in Uranium Provinces

Microbiological Monitoring in Biosphere Objects of Uranium Biogeochemical Provinces and Effect of Microorganisms on the Ecology, Animals and Human Beings

#KR-1317Irrigation System of Control of Water Distribution

Development of the Automated Irrigation System of Control over Water Distribution Involving Non-Electrified Periphery Objects

#KR-1337Irrigation in Submountain Semi-Desert

Development of complex irrigation technology for jointed cultivation of horticultural and agricultural crops under farm conditions in submountain semi-desert, Issyk Kul region

#KR-1380Phosphoric Ores and Materials for Mineral Fertilizers

Regional-Genetic Conditions of Phosphoric Ore Formations and Effective Mineral Matter for Agro-Resources Creation in Kyrgyz Republic


Milk Mini-Cow Breeding Technology Design

#KR-1469Revegetation of Disturbed Lands

Development of the Technologies and Biopreparations for Revegetation and Remediation of Technogenically and Anthropogenically Disturbed Lands

#KR-1483Bird Migration in Central Asia

Trance Border Bird Migration and their Role in Avian Influenza Causative Agent and Heavy Metals Transfer and Spread in Central Asia

#KR-1521Sheep Genetics

Study of Sheep Genetic Structure in Kyrgyzstan

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