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#K-2281The study of pharmacogenomics profiling of the Kazakhstan population

The study of pharmacogenomics profiling of the Kazakhstan population using next-generation sequencing

#K-2317Molecular Virology in Kazakhstan

Capacity Building for Molecular Virology in Kazakhstan

#K-2326Statistical modeling of turbulent diffusion combustion

Statistical modeling of turbulent diffusion combustion under the intermittency conditions. Mathematical model for calculation of carbon dioxide concentration

#K-2374Methodology for activity planning at technogenic contaminated territories

Development of methodology, methods and software for economic activity planning at technogenic contaminated territories

#K-240Water Percolation Prognosis

Prognosis of Underground Water Percolation in the Artificial Lake Sorbulak by Methods of Remote Sensing

#K-2408Hybrid technology for desulfurization of oil distillates

Hybrid technology for desulfurization of distillates with the use of new methods of green chemistry

#K-241Radioisotopes in Wild Animals

Studies of Wild Animals Contamination with Fission Products at the Semipalatinsk Test Site

#K-2417Control and neutralization of PCBs

Eco-analytical monitoring and development of a method for the neutralization of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

#K-2421Lithium. Tritium.

Hydrogen Isotopes Interaction with Lithium Surfaces of Various States under Reactor Irradiation

#K-256Ecologically Safe Mycoinsecticide

Selection of a High Virulent Strain for Elaboration of a New Ecologically Safe Mycoinsecticide Against Sucking Pests

#K-316Biological Control of Narcotic Plants

Biological Control of Narcotic Plants

#K-426Effect of Caspian Sea Contamination on Sturgeons

Contamination of the Caspian Sea and Condition of Sturgeons

#K-427Biomarkers for Balkhash Ecology

Evaluation of an Ecological Situation in the Western Balkhash Using Biomarkers

#K-438New Technologies for High Performance Machinery

New Scientific and Technical Bases, Technology and Facilities of Production of High-Speed and Powerful Machines

#K-453Own-rooted Fruit Plants

The Rootstockless Crop of Fruit Plantations on the Basis of the Biotechnology

#K-468Wild Hemp Population Monitoring

Elaboration of the New Control Methods of Wild Hemp Populations Conditions, Limitation of Their Quantity and Ways of Cannabinools Content Decrease in It

#K-470Individual Nutrition Ration

The Creation of Theory of Human's Health Dynamic Norm in Conditions of Changing Environment and Formation of Individual Nutrition Ration

#K-528Fruit Growing Method by Stem Cutting

Accelerated Production of Planting Material for Fruit Crops from Hardwood Cuttings Using Effective Growth Regulators

#K-529Horticulture in Tien-Shan

The System of the Mountain Horticulture Development in the United Ecosystem of Northern Tien-Shan

#K-662Remote Sensing for Locust Population Monitoring

To Study Spatial Structure of Mass Propagations Centers of Parasitic Kinds of Locusts by Methods of Remote Sensing for Elaboration of Ecologically Safe Technology for Agricultural Lands Protection

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