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#G-576Memory Regulation under Emotional Stress

Mechanisms of Memory Regulation and Correction of its Disorders during Chronic Emotional Stress

#G-588Decomposition of Liquid Rocket Fuel

Defusing of Liquid Rocket Fuel Useless Components

#G-589Controlled-Release Drugs with Bacteriophages

Sustained/Controlled-Release Drug Devices Containing Bacteriophages Based on New Biodegradable Poly (ester amide)s

#G-594Effects of Alcohol Intoxication

Investigation of Alcohol Intoxication Impact on Development of Limbic System and Correction of Neurogenesis, and some Clinical Indices in a Course of Hypoxen Utilization

#G-605Electronic Device for Transdermal Therapy

Development and Analysis of Therapeutic Efficiency of Electronic Device for Transdermal Electroimpulse Reflexotherapy and Diagnostics

#G-609Biologically Active Metal Complexes

New Production Technologies of Raw Materials and Syntheses of Biologically Active Metal-Complexes on Their Base

#G-657Neural Tissues from the Implanted Stem Cells

Morphological, Electrophysiological and Behavioral Investigations of the Nervous Tissue Developed from the Embryonic Matrix Zone Cells of the Dorsolateral Walls of Lateral Ventricles, Implanted into the Lesioned Regions of the Adult Rat's Brain

#G-764Fetal-Maternal Status Influence on Allergic Sensitization

Effects of Fetal-Maternal Allergic, Antioxidant and Cytokine Status on the Allergic Sensitization in Early Childhood

#G-796Nitrogen Fixers and Bioremediation

Creation of the Collection of Microorganisms, Isolated from Different Soil-Climatic Zones of the Caucasus, Possesing of High Nitrogen-fixing and Detoxificational Activities

#G-797Voice Identification

Speech Analysis Technology for Voice Identification

#G-808Structural Functional Manifestations of Crush-Syndrome

Morphology and Pathogenesis of the Microcirculatory Systemic Damage under Crush-Syndrome

#G-824Bacteriophages in Different Medicinal Forms

Different Medicinal Forms of Bacteriophages for Treatment and Prevention of Bacterial Infections Induced by the Genera of Staphylococcus and Streptococcus

#G-829Location of Hinges in Myosin II Rod

Location of Hinges in Myosin II Rod

#G-870Aerosols in the Stratosphere and Mesosphere

Stratified Altitudinal Distribution of Aerosol in the Stratosphere and Mesosphere

#G-981Psychometric Parameters of Refugees

Development of the Methods Measuring Psychometric Parameters in the Refugee Population

#G-990The Diabetes Mellitus Treatment Method

The Diabetes Mellitus Problem Solving by Means of “New” Pancreas Growing in Vivo

#K-1023Gene-Fund of Vegetables in South-East Region of Kazakhstan

Preservation of Gene-Fund of Most Important Vegetables in South-East Region of Kazakhstan

#K-1041Divertor and Transport System for Fusion Device

Divertor and Transport System for Fusion Devices

#K-1107Transportation of Paraffinaceous Oil

Development of Depressant Technology for Transportation of Paraffinaceous Oil by the Means of Oil-Trunk Pipeline Uzen’-Atyrau-Samara

#K-1230Stem Cells Bank

Creation of the Stem Cells Bank from Placenta and the Umbilical Cords Blood of Newborn Children

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