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#G-2095Neutron Activation Analysis Service

Renovation of Neutron Activation Analysis Service and Extension of Service for Identification of the Sources of Ionizing Radiation in Georgia

#G-2104Electro chemical generator done on new composite materials

Electro chemical generator done on new composite materials and working on traditional and alternative sources of fuel

#G-2114Biological effects of electromagnetic field

The effect of electromagnetic field of acoustic range on kinetics of enzyme-substrate reactions and rheological properties of blood

#G-2157The study of mechanisms of low-frequency electromagnetic field impacts on living organisms

The study of mechanisms of low-frequency electromagnetic field impacts on living organisms based on analysis of the changes in kinetics and stoichiometry of the ion transport in the Na, K-ATPase, localized in brain synaptic membranes

#G-2158Increasing of the agricultural crop yield

Significant increase in the agricultural crop yield by synergy of ecologically safe methods

#G-2159Research and Design of Electrical Shearing Machine for Animals

Research and Design of Prospective Hand-Operated High-Speed Electromechanical Shearing Machines for Animals

#G-2178Prolonged Fertilizers

Innovative Technology for the Production of Ecologically Harmless Prolonged Fertilizers by the use of Microorganisms

#G-2194Prolonged Nitre

Development of Innovation Technology for Obtain of Prolonged Action Nitre

#G-2195Rotor with variable parameters

Rotor with the changing possibility of geometry parameter in dynamics for aviation and powerful wind stations

#G-2292Nitrogen Fertilizers q

New generation nitrogen fertilizers

#G-2298Geomagnetic field influence on magnetosensitive humans

The study of Geomagnetic field influence on the autonomic regulation of healthy magnetosensitive humans

#G-2304Mudflow- and earthquake-resistant hydraulic concretes.

New mudflow– and earthquake – resistant hydraulic concrete with modified structure, low- anizotropic high strength, investigation of for possibility of creation of innovative nanotechnologies

#G-2347New Zeolite Materials for Paper Production

Development of New Zeolite Materials for Production of Paper

#G-294Ionospheric Earthquake Precursors

Dynamics of Waves Precursors of Earthquakes and Anthropogenic Actions in the Ionosphere

#G-364Cumulative Spraying for Coating

Development of a New Technique of Coating Deposition - Cumulative Spraying

#G-445Laser Radiation Influence on Viruses

Influence of the Laser Radiation on Infection Process by the Bacterial Viruses

#G-473Artificial Blood Circulation in Surgery

Development, Technical Decisions and Tests of Systems of an Auxiliary and Complete Heart-Lung Bypass Ensuring Maximum Physiological Effect of a Circulation

#G-518Environmental Effects on Oil Pipelines

Determination of the Ecology Factor for the Magistral Oil Pipelines, Working in Difficult Hilly and Geology Conditions

#G-533Corrosion Protection of special steels and alloys

Development of the Corrosion Protection Technology for Special Steels and Alloys

#G-535Immunomonitoring of Ecological Stress

Immunomonitoring of Stress-condition of Organism, Caused by Ecological and Social Factors, and Physical Overstrain

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