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#B-1547Solid-State Continuous-Wave Raman Lasers

Solid-State Continuous-Wave Raman Lasers

#B-1792Ion Beam Coatings

Study of the Formation Mechanisms of Ion-Beam Coatings and Development of the Structural Model Describing the Effect of the Ultra-Dispersed Powder Additives in Sputtering Targets on the Structure And Properties of these Coatings

#B-1842Global Climate Change and River-Riverine Ecosystems

The Influence of Global Climate Change on River-Riverine Ecosystems in Temperate Zone

#B-1861Detection of Early Stage of Eye Diseases

Prototype Creating of a Complex Ophthalmic Equipment to Detect Early Stage Eye Disease by the Method of Express-Diagnostics

#B-1869Laser Treatment of Human Cornea

High Power Combined UV-IR (213 nm+1.9-3 µm) Laser Ablation Treatment of Cornea

#B-1877Plant Productivity Monitoring

An automated System and Special Software for Monitoring Productivity of Higher Plants, and the Information Technologies for Ecology and Agriculture, on the Basis of this Technique

#B-1907Combined Hemosorbent

Development of the Combined Hemosorbent for Optimization of Treatment and Prophylaxis of Septic Pathology Caused by Gram-Negative Flora

#B-1974Photodynamic therapy of advanced cancers from digestive origin

Development of chlorine e6-based intraoperative photodynamic therapy as method for treatment of disseminated and metastatic cancers from digestive origin

#B-289Surface Monitoring by Laser

Surface Quality Monitoring by Polarized Laser Radiation

#B-290Microwave Generator

Generation of Electromagnetic Radiation by High-Current Relativistic Electron Beam in Acoustic Undulator

#B-324Belorussian Population Risk on Chernobyl Effected Areas

Health Risk Assessment in Belarus after Chernobyl NPP Accident

#B-396Carbon Coatings for Implants

Research and Development of New Technology and Equipment for Synthesis of Bio-compatibles Nanostructural Carbon Coatings on Artificial Heart Valves and Other Medical Implants

#B-448Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Development and Demonstration of the Advance Technology of New Type Production of Pipe High Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Making of Pilot Samples of these Elements for Standard Conditions of Application in Electrochemical Current Sources

#B-507Software for Satellite Monitoring

Development of Remote Sensing Methods and Hardware to Test and Improve Optical Space Data on the Atmosphere and Earth Surface in Eastern Europe

#B-598Biosorbents for Medicine

Development of New Medicines and Prophylactic Means on the Basis of Sorbent from Plants to Protect Human's and Animal's Health from Adverse Environmental Effects

#B-627Tools for Enhancing Efficiency of Interbank Payment Settlements

Mathematical Methods and Software Products for Enhancing Efficiency of Interbank Payment Settlement Systems

#B-640Biological Activity of Chemical Pollutants

Developing a System for Determination and Prediction of the Biological Activity of Chemical Compounds and Ensuring an Environmental and Chemical Safety on the Territory of the Republic of Belarus

#B-729Processing and Recognition of the Earth Surface Snapshots

The Methods, Algorithms and Software of Halftone Image Processing and 2D, 3D Objects Recognition on the Earth Surface Snapshots

#B-730Information Technologies for Medicine

Tool-Kit Libraries to Develop Medical Information Systems

#B-735Sintering of Porous Materials by Electric Discharge

Development and Demonstration of Technology and Equipment for Sintering by Electric Discharge of Porous Materials of Refractory Metals for Medical Applications

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