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#0203Photochemical Aspects of Ozone Generation

Development and Applied Research of the Photochemical Technologies of the Ozone Generation for Medical and Environmental Protection Purposes.

#0253Compound Separator for Medicine (R)

High-Molecular Compound Separator for Bio-Medical Purposes.

#0318Technology for Artificial Kidney Device

Technology Development for Producing of Hemodialysers Used in Artificial Kidney

#0329Generator of Superstrong EM-Fields

Superstrong Subnanosecond Electromagnetic Field Generation.

#0399Space Shield

Assessment of Feasibility of Creating a System for Earth Protection Against Impacts of Near-Earth Space Objects

#0414Quails and Hen Embryos Production

Development of Technology for Production of SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) - Embryos of Quails and Hen at the Specialized Unit within the Biotechnological Production Area

#0435Pumps for Oil Extraction

Development of Enhanced Reliability Well Pumps for Oil Production.

#0440Recultivation of Soils

Development of Biological Methods for Recultivation of Soils Polluted with Radionuclides.

#0460Information Support for Electronics

Computing and Information Support of Work on Electronics of Organic Materials.

#0461Analytical Equipment for Electronics

Research and Analytical Equipment : Upgrade, Servicing and Methods.

#0588Artificial Lungs

Development and Clinical Testing of Oxygenators (Artificial Lungs).

#0590Safe Industrial Explosives

Development of Experiment-Calculation Model to Determine Safe and Critical Temperature-Time Effects on High Explosives (HE) under Conditions of Industrial Application.

#0598Neutron Therapy with Local Hypothermy

The Research of Effectiveness of Composed Remote Neutron Therapy and Local Hypothermy for Curing Radio-resistant Tumors.

#0600Quasiparallel X-ray Beam

Development and Construction of an Acting Model of Powerful Quasiparallel Pulse X-ray Beam Source for Research, Industrial and Medical Applications.

#0608.2Technique for Parity Violation Investigations

Development of a Research Technique for Investigation of Fundamental Problems of Parity Violation and Time Reversal Invariance

#0627.3Airborne monitoring

Complex Investigations of Possible Reduction of Aviation Impact on the Environment and it's Utilisation for Ecological Monitoring

#0633Organogermanium Compounds

Synthesis and Investigations on New Physiologically Active Organogermanium for treatment of Virus and Fungus Diseases and Opportunistic Infections in the Case of AIDS

#0635Non-Aerobic Infection Diagnostics

Working out of Chromatographic Methods of Non-aerobic Infection Differential Diagnostics

#0644Pure Substances Transportation

Development of Special Containers for Storage and Transportation of Specially Pure Substances

#0655Memory Chip Upsets

Development of Methods for Reliable Prediction of the Memory Chip Upsets in Radiation Fields

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