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#0943Deactivation of NPP Elements

A Device for Deactivation of NPP Constructional Elements' Surfaces Using Gas-Abrasive Method

#1623Radwaste Conditioning for North-West Russia

Development of Compositions and Technologies for Conditioning Radioactive Waste from Nuclear Power Installations in North-West region of Russia (Radiorok)

#2815Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Cask Storage

Development of Software for Numerical Analysis of Fuel Temperature States and Heat- and Mass-Transfer Processes in RBMK-1000 SNF Casks at the Main Steps of Preparing Fuel to Dry Long-Term Storage, Numerical Studies

#3099Purification of Sodium Coolant

Generalization of the Experience of Investigations on Maintenance of Sodium Coolant Purity

#3178Radiation Risk of Nuclear Submarines Dismantlement

The Assessment of Radiation and Insurance Risks of Nuclear Powered Submarines Dismantlement, SNF and RW Management in Severodvinsk

#3232Dangerous Objects of «Kurchatov Institute»

Radiation Investigation of Nuclear Dangerous and Radiation Dangerous Objects of the Russian Research Center «Kurchatov Institute» for Scheduling of Works on Their Decommissioning

#3429Impact Assessment Documents of Nuclear Submarine Dismantling

Development of Standard Parts of Environmental Impact Assessment Document of Nuclear Powered Submarines Dismantling at Nerpa and Zvezdochka Shipyards

#3607Radioactive Graphite Handling

Feasibility Study for the Development and Introduction of Radiation-Safe Technology for Handling Radioactive Graphite of Channel-Type Reactors

#3702Long-term Behavior of Corium after Accident

Long-term Behavior of Corium after Accident (Using the Data of the Chernobyl NPP Accident)

#G-1210Concretes with thermoplastic materials for protection from radiation

Radiation-Shielding Thermoplastic Material for the Structures of Nuclear Reactor Bodies, Protective Shells and Screens

#G-2234The physics of localized plastic deformation and nano-processes in plastic zone ahead of crack tip

Physical aspects of localized plastic deformation and nanostructural changes in plastic zone ahead of microcrack tip and the reasons of nanocrack initiation after LCF in chromium austenitic steels used in power machine building

#K-106Removal of Nuclear Materials to Russia

Preparation of Removal of Nuclear Fissile Materials, Belonged to RF and Located on the Territory of the Institute of Atomic Energy of the National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakstan, to the Russian Federation

#K-883Corrosion Resistance of Radwaste Storage

Corrosion Protection Experimental Studies and Tests under Gamma-Radiation and Heating Combined Effect in BN-350 Spent Fuel Dry Long-Term Storage Facility Silo Models