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#3838Satellite and Ground-Based Geophysical Observations

Complex Ground Based Geophysical Observations Coordinated with French Satellite DEMETER Investigations

#4065The Northern Volcanic Group of Kamchatka

Combined Geological and Geophysical Research of the Northern Volcanic Group of Kamchatka, Forecast and Dynamics of Eruptions and Reducing their Impact on the Environment for Ensure Safety to Population

#4066Seismogenic Disturbances of the Lower Ionosphere

Electric Field Driven Disturbances in the Lower Ionosphere Caused by Seismic Activity

#A-1099Cosmic Factors and Earthquake

Study of Correlations Between Galactic Cosmic Ray Intensity Variations, Seismic Activity and Chemical Elements Circulation in the Ecosystem on Earth

#A-211Seismic-Resistance of Buildings

Investigation of Seismic-Explosive Effects on the Seismic Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Monolithic Buildings

#A-2174Multifunction geophysical observatory for water spaces

Multifunction observatory for geophysical investigations in water spaces

#A-2307Determining the Observation Possibility of Ultra-Low Frequency Electromagnetic Waves

Determining the Observation Possibility of Ultra-Low Frequency Electromagnetic Waves Caused by Supersonic Flying Objects and Strong Shock Waves

#A-2341New method of seismomonitoring of states of Lithosphere Plates and Earthquakes prediction

New method of determination and seismological monitoring of stress-strain states of Lithospheric Plates and Earth crust blocks, possible Earthquakes prediction

#A-299Radon Measurements for Earthquake Prediction

The New Alfa-Detector for Radon Measurements in the Earthquake Prediction System

#A-442Ecological Survey for Seismic Forecasts

Research of Geodinamic Settings and Ecoseismochemical Prediction of Earthquakes

#A-454.2Disposal Site for Radioactive Waste in Armenia

Research on Selection of the Long-Term Disposal Site for the Radioactive Waste of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (Phase I: Selection of Suitable Sites)

#A-650Seismic Observations on Dams

Elaboration of an Autonomous Multichannel System of Tool Seismic Observations on Dams and Technique of its Application

#A-686Waves Propagation in Media

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Propagation of Space Linear and Nonlinear Waves in Various Continuous Media

#G-046Automatics for Earthquakes Investigations

Elaboration of the Automatized System of Pattern Recognition with Leading for Prognosing of Earthquakes with the Given Magnitude.

#G-1127Online Assessment of Influence in Monitoring System

Hilbert Transform- and Bi-Orthogonal Decomposition-Based Online Methods for Determination of a True Influences in the Seismic and Ecological Monitoring Systems (Including a Ground True Motion Restoring)

#G-1410Invertebrates in Georgia

Fauna and Ecology of Invertebrate Animals (Insecta, Oligochaeta, Acarina) and Biodiversity Sustainability in Ecosystem, Monitoring on the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline in Georgia

#G-1674Seismic Safe Blasting Technologies

Development of Effective Technologies and Corresponding Software Package for Protection of Engineering Construction, Historical and Natural Monuments from Seismic Waves Caused by Industrial Explosions

#G-1930Earth’s Crust Structure of Black Sea

Investigation of Horizontal-Heterogeneous of the Earth's Crust Structure and Upper Mantle of Black Sea Water Area by Surface Waves Tomography Methods and Ultrasonic Seismic Modeling

#G-620Detection of Earthquake Precursors

New Complex Method in Order to Predict Earthquakes

#K-1049Kazakhstan Seismic Monitoring System

Development of the Database and Data Analysis Techniques for the Large-Aperture Borovoye Array, as Part of the Kazakhstan Seismic Monitoring System