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#0292Seismic Problems Solving by Parallel Computing

Development of Paralleling Algorithms and Programs for Solving Problems of 3D Seismic Prospecting for MP-X Multiprocessor Computer.

#0362Prediction of Catastrophic Earthquakes

Project of System of Operative Prediction of Catastrophic Earthquakes Elaboration.

#0720Electromagnetic Monitoring of Seismicity

Investigation of Strain-Induced Electromagnetic Signals Preceding Earthquakes

#1065Seismological System for Earthquake Prediction

An Automated Regional Seismological Observation System for Short-Term Prediction of Earthquakes

#1094Correlation between Radioactive Gases and Tsunami

System of Monitoring Radioactive Gases Released from the Sea Bottom for Predicting Strong Earthquakes and Tsunami Waves in Coastal Region

#1204Automated Regional Seismic Monitoring

Technology of Automated Regional Monitoring of Data from Seismic Arrays and Local Seismic Networks under Conditions of Strong Interference

#1435Lithospheric Emissions as Earthquake Precursors

The Study of Electromagnetic Ultra-Low-Frequency Lithospheric Emissions (ULE) as Possible Precursor of Earthquakes

#1545MHD Induced Seismicity

Induced Seismicity Due to Electromagnetic Impact Caused by MHD Generator

#1725Satellite Monitoring of Earthquakes Forerunners

Satellite Monitoring of Ionospheric Forerunners of Earthquakes with Radiophysical and Radio Engineering Methods

#1818Identification of Concealed Nuclear Explosions

Study of Possibilities for Identifying Concealed Explosions in Seismically Active Mountain Country with Commercial Explosions: Selection of Experiment Configuration and Issue of Documentation for Project

#2251Nonlinear Effects under Seismic Impacts

Identification of Nonlinear Soil Behavior in Strong Ground Motion

#2575Remote Sensing Data Processing

Environmental Monitoring Based on New Computer and Mathematical Methods of Remote Sensing Data Processing

#2658Sources of Seismic and Oceanic Disturbances

The Development and Investigation of the Effectiveness of Remote Methods for Determination of Parameters of Seismic and Oceanic Disturbances

#2690Neutron Monitoring as Predictor of Catastrophes

Study of the Origin and Sources of the Near-Crust Neutron Flux Variations to Predict Convulsions of Nature and Man-made Catastrophes

#2720Estimation of Seismic Vulnerability of Buildings

Near Real-Time Estimation of Seismic Vulnerability of Buildings with Images Application

#2958Earthquake Prediction in Kamchatka Region

A new Paradigm of Earthquake Prediction: Development of Theoretical Base and Real Time Application to an Analysis of Geodynamical Activity in the Kamchatka Region

#3105Seismic Traces Calibration for CTBT

Development and Efficiency Analysis of Blast Techniques of the Seismic Traces Calibration for CTBT

#3122Block Motion in Geological Media

Regularities of the Block Structure Motion Due to Man-Made and Natural Influence

#3212Designing of Radioactive Waste Disposal Objects

Applying of Spectral Seismic Methods at Designing of Radioactive Waste Disposal Objects

#3512Volcanic Eruptions and Aviation

Development of New Satellite Methods for Monitoring of Volcanic Activity to Avoid the Hazardous Effects of Volcanic Ash on Jet Aircraft Flights over the North Pacific