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Heavy Elements Accumulation in the Explosion Epicenter


The Disturbance Zone from an Underground Nuclear Explosion as a Physical Model of Heavy Elements Accumulation Zone Formation

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  • OBS-GEO/Geology/Other Basic Sciences
  • ENV-OTH/Other/Environment
  • PHY-OTH/Other/Physics

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NIIIT (Pulse Techniques), Russia, Moscow

Краткое описание проекта

The purpose of this project is search for a mechanism of heat and chemical elements efflux from upper layers of the earth at long times after conducting an explosion. The main task of the project is the estimation of typical times of development of the efflux process from great depth and the establishment of relationship between fractured rock characteristics and the processes of chemical elements efflux to the earth surface.
The study of the processes of heat and elements efflux from deep earth layers will make it possible to determine the mechanisms of heavy elements accumulation zone formation and to estimate, on the basis of the natural physical model (formed by an underground explosion), the dependence of the speed of accumulation formation on the extent of rock fissuring, the spread of fractured zone, etc.
In case the project is realized and supposed results are confirmed, there will be an opportunity to establish a firm (or an opportunity to work in another organization) engaged in substantiating search for mineral deposits, modeling the influence of external conditions on the processes of mineral deposit formation and their detection, mining techniques. As a result, there will be an opportunity to create new jobs for personnel engaged in the military-industrial establishment.