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Organogermanium Compounds


Synthesis and Investigations on New Physiologically Active Organogermanium for treatment of Virus and Fungus Diseases and Opportunistic Infections in the Case of AIDS

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  • BIO-CHM/Biochemistry/Biotechnology
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  • MED-DRG/Drug Discovery/Medicine

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Scientific Research Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Organo-Element Compounds, Russia, Moscow


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) / Department of Chemistry, USA, MA, Cambridge\nMediSyn Technologies Limited, Ireland, Wicklow\nAgora France, France, Paris

Краткое описание проекта

Project suggests investigations and development of methods for preparation of organogermanium compounds useful as promising preparations for virus and fungus diseases and opportunistic infections in the cases of AIDS.

This work is carried out for conversion of previously conducted investigations in the field of organoelement materials including germanium compound used for transfer of mass destruction weapon and other military techniques and electronics (information carriers for guide systems).

As a result of recent scientific researches a series of organoelement compounds first synthesized in SRC RF GNIIChTEOS was observed to offer antiviral and antifungus effects. They compare favorably with known drug preparations with regard to studied virus types.

There are promising approaches for oncological diseases treatment.

Project authors propose radically new drug preparations for virus and fungus diseases treatment.

In spite that organogermanium compounds, as test results show, are adaptable for many specific applications in medicine, Project authors suggest to obtain and study organogermanium compounds for therapy of opportunistic infections in the cases of AIDS as a basis for Project performing.

Clinical picture on AIDS is characterized by exhaustion of helper T-lymphocytes population which carry CD4 receptor on their surface that gives rise to a great variety of opportunistic diseases among them prevail over virus, bacterial and fungus infections that, in general are directly responsible for AIDS patient death.

Organogermanium compounds obtained in SRC RF "GNIIChTEOS" are new powerful drug preparation against a variety of virus and fungus diseases and it is possible that their use will lead to extension of life-time duration for AIDS patients. It is hoped that suggested compounds and their derivatives may be proved as effective drugs against AIDS and in combination with other preparations.

The authors believe that organogermanium compounds are extremely promising for anti-AIDS vaccine development.

Some of organogermanium compounds synthesized in SRC RF GNIIChTEOC are of high efficiency and are practically non toxic: they with stand boiling in water for many hours, are water-soluble, resistant to weak-basic and acidic media, they may be used in any medical form, including peroral.

Carried out investigations show that these preparations do not posses mutability, teratogenecity and embryotoxicity. They are easily modified giving new classes of drug preparations. That is why they are promising commercial and competitive products.

Project authors are interested in objective and impartial check of obtained results, this Project is considered as a basis for long-term cooperation in joint efforts to develop a new generation of antiviral and antifungus drug preparations. Study on mechanism of these preparations effect is of great importance.

Project authors are also interested in joint development of new conception on oncology diseases therapy using organogermanium compounds.

Toxicological studies of obtained drug preparations carried out in accordance with International Standards are of a great importance.

However, taking in consideration destructive character of AIDS epidemic worldwide it is advisable in the possible shortest time to check opportunity of effective treatment of opportunistic infections in the case of AIDS and as well as AIDS itself with use of organogermanium drug preparations or in combination with other suitable preparation.

Bio-medical tests of organogermanium compounds are currently carried out in Russia by the following Institutes: D.I.Ivanovskiy's Institute of Virology of Russian Academy of Medical Science (RAMS) (professor I.F.Barinskiy), Institute of Poliomyelitis (department of influenza) RAMS, Institute of Immunology RAMS (deputy director A.I.Martynov), I.M.Sechenov's Moscow Medical Academy (professor O.L.Ivanov, Doctor A.V.Mal'tsev, assistant professor M.A.Samgin), State Medical University (professor N.G.Korotkii), Scientific-Research Institute of Diseases of Eye RAMS (professor A.A.Kasparov) and others.