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Earth Protection from Comets


Writing a Copy of the Book on Processing of the International Conference SPE-94 "Protecting the Earth from Collision with Asteroids and Comets

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VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk

Краткое описание проекта

The proposed Project is aimed at preparing a copy of the book in Russian and English dealing with the hazards due to Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) and containing bespoken chapters based on the materials of the international conference "Space Protection of the Earth" (SPE) which was held in Snezhinsk in autumn, 1994. The book will contain approximately 700 pages. Earlier, the book under the title "Hazards Due To Comets and Asteroids" was published in English based on the materials of the similar conference "Hazards Due To Asteroids and Comets" which had been held in Tucson, Arizona, U.S., in 1993.

The main goal of the Project is to systematize knowledge and experience acquired by Russian and foreign scientists on the problems of threatening impacts of asteroids and comets as well as on the assessing the feasibility of developing the system protecting the Earth against these impacts.

The most part of information supposed to be included in the book has not been published before. Another part was published as inpidual articles in the journals and conference proceedings.

Potential Role of Foreign Collaborators

Authors of chapters, consultations on the contents of the book, assistance in publishing the book.