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New Composite Ceramic Materials


Self-Propagating High-Temperature Syntheses of New Composite Ceramic Materials

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Scientific Research and Design Institute of Precise Instrument Engineering (Delta), Georgia, Tbilisi


  • South Dakota School of Mines and Technology / College of Material Science and Engineering, USA, SD, Rapid City\nGeorgia Institute of Technology / School of Materials Science and Engineering, USA, GA, Atlanta

Краткое описание проекта

Development of modern techniques is impossible without development and perfection of the technology of ceramic materials. However, high sensibility of these materials to stress microconcentrators as well as hard-controlled process of failure is impediment for large application. In spite of these factors, technical ceramic owing the over high parameters very successfully ejects traditionally dominant materials such as metals from the world market of techniques and technology.

In addition, the greatest achievement of the materials science in last few decades is a creation and application in technique the materials of a new class-composites.Modern composites, among them Composite Ceramic Materials (CCM), play important role not only in civil industry, but also in construction of different kinds of ammunition and military techniques, especially in space and aircraft branches, in armor productions etc. All the above mentioned is a great encouragement for fast development of the so-called "ceramic-technology". One of the most perspective and effective methods to obtain complex CCM is a technology of Self-propagating High-temperature Syntheses (SHS), which is based on a principle of maximum use of chemical energy of the reacting systems. Because of high temperatures and high speed of chemical transformation, SHS is attributed to extremal technologies; the final products advantageously differ from their traditional analogs by high values of physical-mechanical properties and other exploitation characteristics. With this technology, the new composite ceramics with high energy of failure was synthesized from refractory borides and oxides. It may be considered as one of the first samples of a new generation of multy-phase ceramic composition, created on the base of structure-composite "construction" materials. For the elaboration of the new ceramic composition, the group of scientists (most of them are the authors of this Project) were granted the State Prize of Georgia.

Objective of this project is to synthesize by the SHS technology, a group of new CCM in the form of powders, as well as of layered (ceramic, metalceramic, metal) and Functional-Gradient (FG) articles. They will have high values of physical-mechanical properties (exceeding their analogies by some characteristics, particularly by energy capacity of failure by 2-3 times) and the necessary combination of these characteristics, issued from their functional meaning. Scientific and technological bases of "construction" of materials with advanced complex of physical-mechanical properties will be elaborated. Technological documentation is prepared, the area of practical application is defined and sample production produced.

This task will be achieved by "construction" of composite structure from refractory compounds and metals, using correlation dependencies of the "technology-structure-property type", established at the creation of new CCM. Synthesized powders, layered composites and FG-materials will have better technological, economic and qualitative characteristics, than their traditional analogs. It will be achieved by:

– composition building of micro-, as well as macrostructure of multi-phase materials;

– realization of the SHS-technology advantages, such as: small energetic expenditures, high speed and extremity of the process, which provide good conditions for the formation of microstructure, simplicity of technological equipment, one-staginess of the article manufacturing process, etc.

With the help of the elaborated typical technological processes (TTP) will be synthesized CCM batches, which could be used as high efficient abrasives (abrasive pastes, suspensions, tools etc.), initial materials for plating or cheap but high-quality components for manufacturing by other "ceramic-technologies"(HIP, HP, sintering, etc.), significantly making them simpler and cheaper.

Consolidated, layered and FG-materials could be used in the articles meant of constructive or instrumental purposes in chemical, petro-chemical, metallurgy, cement industries, for engineering protection of banks and offices, for special transport of encashment(collection).

Key words: SHS, structure, technology, property, and failure viscosity composites, constructive structures, layered, FGM, consolidation, powders.