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Bird Repellents for Airport


New Means for the Birds Scaring, Based on Oscillatory Combustion of Condensed Systems, with the Purpose of the Flying Vehicles Collisions, Priventing in the Aerodromes Region

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  • SAT-OTH/Other/Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation

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Kirov Research and Production Association, Russia, Perm reg., Perm


  • US Air Force Reserch Laboratory, USA, OH, Wright-Patterson\nCentral Science Laboratory / Birdstrike Avoidance Team, UK, YO, Sand Hutton

Краткое описание проекта

Nowadays there exists the world problem of protection of various objects from biodamages, caused by birds. This problem for aircraft is especially acute and is connected first of all with the collisions of flight vehicles with birds. On the terrestrial globe for the year more than 10000 such collisions are registered which are often finishing by catastrophes with human victims. The damage makes up more than one billion of USD per annum. In connection with the acuteness of the considered problem at first Bird Strike Committee Europe (BSCE), was created and in 1997 -International Bird Strike Committee (IBSC).

Despite large variety of the birds scaring means and huge financial supports to the solution of the problems of struggle with birds, the effectiveness of the existing means in many cases is insignificant. Principally new engineering solutions are necessary.

It is known that the majority of the airplane collisions with birds take place on runway airfields at low heights during flights and landings. For the birds scaring from runways the stationary devices, located along a band, or driving along the ground or in the air are necessary. In the latter case they can be launched from the ground, from the other objects or immediately from the aircrafts.

Principle of work of one of the most known means for the birds scaring from runway is based on use of the sound signals obtained when firing from a flare pistol. The scaring effect in this case is provided by means of three factors: strong sound of a shot, smoky trace of the flying element, and also it's bursting and several falling down colour bright flares appearance.

Such effect is used, for example, when flying the scaring selfmoving cartridge "CAPA" (RUGGIERY Technology), produced according to French technology. This means of the birds scaring is effective over the range up to 100 - 120 meters when flying the device at a distance up to 400 meters. To scare the birds at much longer distance it is necessary to use a car. It means, that for arrival at the location of birds and preparation a device for work it is necessary 10... 15 minutes, but it is not convenient and not cheap.

In this connection the development of more effective means for the birds scaring, including those flying at long distances is more preferable.

The researches which were carried out in KRPA in 1990 and were directed on searches of new means to struggle with birds using the possibilities released during the conversion of military-industrial potential have shown that such means can be produced if make use of the effects caused by vibratory combustion of solid rocket propellant in motor combustion chamber. During the combustion process the intensive high frequency pressure oscillations, characteristics of which can be controlled and governed, are generated.

The purpose of the project is the development of the flying solid propellant element on the basis of specially constructed condensed systems using reactive force of the combustion products for driving. This element must generate short-term sounds of high intensity being the result of its vibratory combustion in the channel.

The distinctive feature of the suggested method is affecting birds at frequency-time characteristics corresponding to distress and warning calls with the simultaneous effect of a torch.

The preliminary researches have shown the possibility to influence on birds over the range up to 200 meters. This element can fly at a distance up to 1-2 km. Possibility to scare the birds effectively at frequencies of the birds distress and warning calls and large distance of the flight allows developing the competitive scaring means which may be widely used for runways. It may be easily controllable, safety, light and does not exert an unfavorable action upon nature.

Significant volume of the preliminary studying, availability of qualified scientific specialists, raw materials and potentials of military-industrial complex - all this allows hoping for the quick completion of the just begun researches.

The completion of the project will bring a considerable contribution into the development of safety and effective means of birds scaring and the aircraft catastrophes preventing caused by birds.

Scientific research institutes, private firms and companies, separate experts from USA, countries of European Community, Japan, Southern Korea, Sweden, Finland and Norway are invited to take part in the project.

The role of the foreign collaborators should consist in data exchange, joint working meetings, conferences conduction, giving an opportunity to control the effectiveness of scaring means on territory of their countries. They should also search for customers, cooperate when defending intellectual property rights. Any other forms of cooperation are possible if they do not contradict the main aims of ISTC.