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Radiation Risk of Nuclear Submarines Dismantlement


The Assessment of Radiation and Insurance Risks of Nuclear Powered Submarines Dismantlement, SNF and RW Management in Severodvinsk

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  • FIR-DEC/Decommissioning/Fission Reactors

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Ведущий институт
NPO Zvezdochka, Russia, Arkhangelsk reg., Severodvinsk

Поддержка институтов

  • Nuclear Safety Institute, Russia, Moscow\nKrylov Central Research Institute, Russia, St Petersburg\nIGEM (Geology & Mineralogy), Russia, Moscow


  • Serco Assurance, UK, Warrington\nRWE NUKEM GmbH, Germany, Alzenau\nNational Nuclear Corporation, UK, Warrington\nSandia National Laboratories, USA, NM, Albuquerque\nTechnicatome, France, Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex

Краткое описание проекта

Russia has constructed more than 250 Nuclear Powered Submarines (NPS) at the end of the 20th century and became the holder of the biggest nuclear fleet in the world.

More than 190 NP Submarines have been decommissioned in accordance with the international agreements and now they are to be dismantled. Large-scale NPS dismantling caused the importance and urgency of the environment, personnel and population protection. Risk assessment and analysis are considered as main mechanism of making administrative decisions on problems of population and environment protection..

The expansion of NPS dismantling program leads to the increase of nuclear and radiation hazardous operations. Under these conditions it is very important to ensure the personnel, population, and environment safety. Nevertheless, there are no methodological approaches to the risk assessment and safety management for Nuclear Powered Submarines and surface Ships dismantling.

The objective of the Project is the comprehensive safety assessment on the basis of: indices of the radiation risk of decommissioned NPS dismantling stages; technological procedures of Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) and Radioactive Waste (RW) management; development of recommendations concerning the radiation risk reduction; assessment of the insurance risk.

Zvezdochka SPA is the Project leading institution.

Project duration is 24 months.

“Weapon” specialists from Zvezdochka SPA, IGEM RAN, Krylov Institute, and IBRAE RAS having great experience in NPS dismantling will be engaged in the Project.

The following foreign companies are proposed to participate in the Project as collaborators: Sandia National Laboratories (the USA);
NNC Ltd. (the United Kingdom); TECHNICATOME (France); NUKEM GmbH (Germany); Serco Assurance (the United Kingdom).

The following tasks should be carried out in the process of the Project fulfillment:

- Review of the Russian and foreign methods concerning radiation risks calculation for personnel, population and environment;
- Assessment of NPS dismantling process safety in Severodvinsk;
- Assessment of SNF management safety in Severodvinsk;
- Assessment of RW management safety in Severodvinsk;
- Assessment of radiation risks of NPS dismantling process in Severodvinsk;
- Assessment of radiation risks of SNF management in Severodvinsk;
- Assessment of radiation risks of RW management in Severodvinsk;
- Assessment of the insurance risk for population in the process of NPS dismantlement and SNF and RW management facilities application in Severodvinsk;
- Development of proposals concerning the radiation risks reduction at Zvezdochka SPA with probable application at other enterprises of Rossudostroenie; preparation of proposals for development of the insurance and international reinsurance of civil liability of Rossudostroenie enterprises.

Project research activity will make it possible to develop proposals concerning the reduction of radiation risk in the process of NPS dismantling, optimize technological procedures of NPS dismantling, SNF and RW management from the point of view of nuclear and radiation safety.