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Technology for Artificial Kidney Device


Technology Development for Producing of Hemodialysers Used in Artificial Kidney

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Scientific Research Center "Uglechimvolokno", Russia, Moscow reg., Mytischi

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  • NPO Chimvolokno, Russia, Moscow reg., Mytischi

Краткое описание проекта

The hemodialyser is one of the important parts of an artificial kidney apparatus. It includes of a case , feeding1 tubes and a selective membrane , through which the waste products organism activity-slag's are removed. For membrane surface increase is made up of hollow fibers with the diameter 0.4-0.5 mm. The limits of project it is supposed to develop economical technology for producing the element of hemodialyser-the selective membrane in form of acrylic fiber of enhanced permeability and selectivity. On the base of developed membrane the modal hemodialyser will be properties in

The development of technology includes the following main:

- development of homophase acrylonitrile polymerisation and composition of biologically compatible copolymer;

- development of hollow fiber spinning technology by and development of methods and apparatuses for membrane properties

- development of solution recovery and to comply with environmental protection requirements and

- manufacture the model hemodialysers and evaluation operation properties.

The accomplishment of the abovementioned studies allows to:

- establish the environmentally-friendly production of acrylic fibers for hemodialysers;

- increase the membrane permeability and selectivity and decrease the hemodialysis length by 20-30%.

For the execution of the project the scientists and engineers who with the development of the process for carbolengthrs and composit meterials used for weapons of mass distruction inclluding the nuclear ammunition have been enlisted.