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Ecology of Pits in Chui Depression in Kyrgyzstan


Eco-Geological Influence of the Open-Pit Workings in Chui Depression, Kyrgyzstan and Ways of Solution

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  • OBS-GEO/Geology/Other Basic Sciences
  • ENV-OTH/Other/Environment

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Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek


  • Arizona State University, USA, AZ, Tempe\nUniversity of Portsmouth / School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, UK, Portsmouth

Краткое описание проекта

The aim of the project is the research of the adverse influence of the open-pit workings upon the eco-geological conditions of Chui depression and its mountain ridges in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Current situation in the area of research.

At this moment the influence spectrum upon destructed landscapes, the spreading of pollutants, which are resulted from the mining enterprises, is so wide that in some region show unpredictable effects those are harmful for soil, vegetation and people’s health.

The expected results:

The realization of the project will allow achieving the following results:

  • The detailed map of eco-geological classification of all the pit workings for Chui depression and its mountain ridges will be created
  • The model of pit edge and adjacent mountain slopes displacement for key pits of Sokuluk region, which take place due to the mountain workings will be created
  • The estimation of hydro-geological condition of the area connected to the carried out pit workings will be implemented
  • The archeological research of the pit walls and the adjacent areas to reveal the ancient sites and its documentation will be carried out
  • The mapping and documentation of the ancient and more recent burials of people and animals died from dangerous infectious disease will be executed
  • The health conditions of rural citizens living in villages adjacent to large pits will be checked and this is connected to level change of the surface and ground waters, and change in sold and gas components of the air mass;
  • Total estimation of eco-geological environment in places where active open-pit mines take place of Chui depression and its mountain ridges will be carried out
  • Recommendations for optimal pit excavation will be elaborated, which will decrease the harm brought to the Chui area ecology and also the recommendation for reclaiming and the reutilization of the left pits and dumps
  • All the received estimations and recommendations after the Project will be completed will be transferred to the Ministry of Environmental Resources, Ministry of Emergency situations, environmental protection and forestry agency, Health Ministry and sanitary epidemiologic agency, and Building and architecture agency and regional and local authorities.

Project compliance with the ISTC aims.

Due to the fact that all specialists employed in this project have knowledge in this area, so the project will have especially peace orientation and complies with ISTC aims.