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Diagnostics of Radionuclides Effects Results


Development of New Methods and Means of Assessing of Consequences of Radionuclide and Heavy Metal Salt Effect, Criteria of Forecasting Physiological State and Productivity of the Farm Animals under Conditions of Ecological Pollution of Environment

Tech Area / Field

  • BIO-RAD/Radiobiology/Biotechnology
  • AGR-OTH/Other/Agriculture
  • ENV-MIN/Monitoring and Instrumentation/Environment

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NPO Soyuz (2), Russia, Moscow reg., Dzerzhinsky

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  • Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology, Russia, Moscow\nHimprogress, Russia, Moscow


  • Louisiana Tech University / College of Engineering and Science, USA, LA, Ruston\nSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden, Uppsala