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Electro Chemical Generator on Basalt Composite Materials


Made from Basalt New Components Electro Chemical Generator Working Basalt Composite Materials

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  • NNE-OTH/Other/Non-Nuclear Energy
  • ENV-APC/Air Pollution and Control/Environment
  • MAT-CER/Ceramics/Materials

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Black Sea Problems and Hydrogen Energy International Fund, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • International Association for Hydrogen Energy, USA, FL, Miami\nTechnische Universität Berlin / Institut für Energietechnik, Germany, Berlin

Краткое описание проекта

The aim of the project is to make new composite materials on the basis of basalt, also to produce knots and ad details from these materials and to test it on electro chemical elements.

Nowadays the details of ELECTRO CHEMICAL GENERATOR are mainly made of metals and their alloy. In order to improve the parameters of ELECTRO CHEMICAL GENERATOR, but due to the incompatibility of the used materials it couldn’t find the practical usage.

The alteration of ELECTRO CHEMICAL GENERATOR’s knots on the basis of basalt with new composite materials, the psychical-chemical characteristics of which is much better comparing with the above-mentioned materials, gives us the reason of improving the ELECTRO CHEMICAL GENERATOR parameters.

The specialists participating in the project, who have been working on the military and space thematic, have great experience in producing the above-mentioned materials and also in on its basis implementing the already made constructions in military and space technique.

The usage of composite material in electro chemical generator having being produced on the basis of basalt, will give us the opportunity of using the basalt composite materials. This will give us the great economical and ecological effect.

The project meets the international scientific-technical demands, due to the appearing of additional working places during its implementation period and the scientists and the specialists participating in this will have a possibility of carrying out their scientific-research business and working out it for peaceful aims.

The experience of collaborators in mentioned thematic will be used.

The methodology of carrying out the project means the gradual change of electro chemical generator constituents with the details made of new composite materials and learning the efficiency of the motor’s function in different regimes.

The duration of project fulfillment is planned to be 36 months (12 quarters).