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Paint Removal by Laser


Investigation of the Optimum Conditions to Remove Paint Coatings from Surfaces of Different Construction Materials Using Laser

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VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

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Aim: The project is aiming at complex studies of laser radiation with different wavelengths and operational modes effecting various paint coatings implemented to paint big constructions like ships, aircraft’s, buildings. The equipment involved (CO2-laser, eximer laser, neodymium laser) allows to study the optimum processes of laser radiation interactions with paint coatings adapted to real industrial conditions, which will further allow to formulate the requirements to the equipment used to remove paint coatings associated with repair activities, as well as to determine processing technologic modes.

Technologic approach: Study of effectiveness of paint coating removal by laser depending on the intensity (W/cm2), duration, operational mode (continuous, pulsed/periodic).

Experimental verification of different wavelength laser effectiveness (excimer, neodymium, CO2-laser and the like) to remove paint coatings at repair activities.

Estimated results: Data on CO2-laser applicability for paint coating removal is available. It should be noted that application of continuous CO2-lasers of high resolution (P ~ 1 kW) ensures complete removal of different type paint coatings from metal surfaces.

Project-related investigations offer the expansion of laser applicability, differentiating by wavelength and operational mode, to refine surfaces from typical paint coatings at repair activities as well as to acquire the data on optimum conditions of LR effect. Pre-estimates revealed that effectiveness of processing in evaporation mode at CO2-laser power of 10 kW could be from 2 to 20 m2/hour.

Commercial value: Investigation results will allow to commission into production a universal ecologically friendly method of paint coating removal from different big-size constructions, which could not be achieved by other methods associated with repair activities. Namely, this method could be perspective at the removal of paint coatings polluted with radioactive materials and repair activities inside atomic power station premises.

The productivity of the same is comparable or higher than the traditionally available methods of paint coating removal.

Accordance with the goals of the Center: Project realization will offer perspective jobs and will effectively use scientific and technical potential of high qualified scientists involved into weapon development. The Project will support advanced scientific and applied investigations and technologic developments for peaceful purposes.

Scientific results obtained by Project executors will be offered for publication.