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Seismic Problems Solving by Parallel Computing


Development of Paralleling Algorithms and Programs for Solving Problems of 3D Seismic Prospecting for MP-X Multiprocessor Computer.

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  • ENV-SEM/Seismic Monitoring/Environment

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Ведущий институт
VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Поддержка институтов

  • VNII Geophysica, Russia, Moscow


  • Tohoku University/Institute of Fluid Science / Shock Wave Research Center, Japan, Sendai

Краткое описание проекта

The goal of the project is development of parallel algorithms and programs for solving the problems of three-dimensional (3D) seismic prospecting for the MP-X multiprocessor super-computers which are being developed at RFNC-VNIIEF.

As it is known, the important reserve of better efficiency of oil and gas deposit prospecting and monitoring is introduction of the 3D seismic prospecting method. To process geophysical 2D pros-pecting data, it has been customary in the former USSR to employ parallel architecture computers (PC series computers). To introduce the 3D seismic prospecting method, it is necessary to use the new generation of multiprocessor highly efficient computers. Currently main geophysical centers in the West are intensively developing software for solving geophysical problems on the new-generation pa-rallel computers.

This effort provides for the development of parallel algorithms and application program packages for solving geophysical problems for the new-generation multiprocessor highly efficient computers (MP-X and others, employing INTEL Corporation microprocessors). The application program package for 3D seismic prospecting will in-volve the programs implementing some algorithms of three-dimensional migration, reservoir modelling and estimation,analysis and synthesis of 3D images, etc. It is suggested to draw on the experience of geo-physical data processing gained at VNIIGeofisika and other Russian geophysical institutions.

The expediency of the effort is determined with the practical demand of exploration geophysics for development and introduction of the new generation of mineral resource prospecting firmware.

The project will alow to transform highly skilled experts pur-suing weapons computations away from defence related production into development of software for national economy.

The results of the work will be of scientific and practical value owing to the urgency of development and introduction of the new generation of geophysical prospectng firmware.

The development parallel algorithms and program packages will be of commercial value too.