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Automated Regional Seismic Monitoring


Technology of Automated Regional Monitoring of Data from Seismic Arrays and Local Seismic Networks under Conditions of Strong Interference

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  • ENV-SEM/Seismic Monitoring/Environment

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NIIIT (Pulse Techniques), Russia, Moscow

Краткое описание проекта

The purpose of the project is to create an original technology of automated regional seismic monitoring on the basis of new methods of recording and processing of multichannel seismic observations. This technology is actual for solution of the problems of control for observance of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), evaluation of seismic risk of objects (hydrotechnical structures, atomic power stations, oil platforms, populated points, etc.) and for number of other problems in the field of applied seismology and geophysics.

It is proposed in the project to develop a new algorithmical base of processing of data from three-component broad-band seismic arrays. This base is founded on optimal adaptive methods of statistical analysis of multidimensional time-series. The proposed algorithms of seismic analysis provide continuous analysis of statistical characteristics of seismic interference field in limits of array aperture and use these characteristics for detection and estimation of seismic signal parameters. That lowers magnitude threshold of recorded events and allows evaluating the reliability of the decisions to be taken more precisely.

It is proposed to develop a new methodic of identification of regional and local events of earthquake-explosion type. This methodic is founded on new methods of statistical theory of discriminant analysis and technology of computer neuron networks.

For automated location of weak-events it is proposed the development of the method of seismoemission tomography. The essence of this method is reduced to the searching for events coordinates in a way of the scanning investigated volume of medium by sounding beam formed by recording seismic network.

It is proposed algorithm of evaluation of tensor of seismic moment of events center on records of volume waves. This algorithm is founded on solution of inverse geophysics problem with using power methods of regularization for overcoming of instability of the given inverse problem. Such approach allows solving the problem of identification of seismic source type on more reliable level than all the previously used methods.

All the above mentioned algorithms and methods are realized in form of specific programs working on the base of the problem-oriented computer system of seismic data analysis for workstations with OS UNIX. Set of such algorithms and programs is the main scientific and practical result of given project. The system will have an open architecture, which allows improving a quality and profoundness of seismic data processing continuously by means of installation of new analysis algorithms and by means of development of the strategy of expert systems and knowledge bases of different specialization.

Packets of programs for automated processing of 3-component wide-band seismic data, location and identification seismic events, determination of seismic momentum tensor and real-time analysis seismic and other geophysical data can have a commercial significance, are providing the savings of resources on account the raise of reliability and quality data processing, authenticity the evaluations of seismic sources' parameters and degree of seismic hazard.

For participation in project as collaborators are invited scientific and research institutions, firms and separate experts of USA, European Union, Japan, Norway and South Korea. Collaborators evaluate scientific and technical significance of the project for world association, its realization and prospects, necessity of its financial support, take part in exchange of scientific and technical information and expert conclusions, science, methodical and technical consulting and discussion of the most complicated-and arguable questions, including meetings, seminars and conferences with a view to raise the quality, degree of realization and accessibility project's results.