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Transient Processes Modeling


Development of Methods to Research Transient Processes in Irregular Waveguides with TEM-wave

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  • PHY-OTH/Other/Physics

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NIIIT (Pulse Techniques), Russia, Moscow


  • Euro EMC Service, Germany, Teltow\nUniversität Karlsruhe / Institut für Electroenergiesysteme und Hochspannungstechnik (IEH), Germany, Karlsruhe

Краткое описание проекта

Objectives of the Project: For the reason that for transmission lines with variable cross-section some phenomena do not agree with traditional concepts [1-3] and for enhancement of pulse devices, it has raised the need to create more strict mathematical model of transient processes in irregular waveguides with transversal electromagnetic wave (TEM-wave). Numerical algorithms, programs and computation are necessary elements of such model. It is supposed also elaboration of measurements by using of probes and analysis of their possibilities.

Technical approach: Technically much mathematical modeling and computing must be carried out. Main in the modeling is the reduction of multidimensional boundary value problems to differential equations systems with less independent variables [4]. Earlier it was modified [5] and used to solve some problems in electrodynamics and microwave electronics [6-8]. Owing to equivalence of proposed model to electrodynamics approach, computation accuracy is limited only by its numerical realization. Experimental part is based on measurements by using of probes.

Anticipated results: We suppose to develop strict mathematical model of transient processes for irregular waveguides with TEM-wave and to adopt it to planar and coaxial lines that are applied in special measuring GTEM- and ТЕМ- cameras where electromagnetic effects on samples are studied. We also suppose to devise numerical methods and programs, to carry out computation and to use it for the analysis of metrological problems. Experiments will be used to verify theoretical results.

Potential role of foreign collaborators: The Project may be interesting for scientific institutions that deal with applied mathematical physics, waveguide electrodynamics, and radiophysics, microwave electronics and metrology. It may also be interesting for firms and industrial works developing and using electronic and metrological devices. Project participants invite to collaboration everyone who will have been interested by Project questions.


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Note: Journal "Pisma v JTPh" [1-3] is translated in English under the name "Technical Physics Letters" and is issued simultaneously with its Russian version.